Mace Windu

Tuesday Jul 2 2019

On the Fourth of July, the gym will be open from 8:00-11:00am for the Hero WOD Scooter. After that, the annual Beer Mile will be at Betsy and Grant's house at Noon. There will not be a grill out after the Beer Mile this year, but you can bring a dish to pass for a family friendly social.
1.) 20 min to establish 1RM Power Snatch
-Don't repeat a current personal record. Go at least 1lb over!
2.) 10-8-6-4-2
Strict Pullups
GHD Situps with Medball 14/10lb
*3.) 15 min Bar Muscle Up practice
*4.) 5x5 Clean Grip Deadlift @ 95% of SQUAT Clean
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Bands and ab Mat with 14# pound ball, snatch to 70
5:32, green and red band, KB swings
70# power snatch PR
82# PS. Not sure on WOD time
4:12. Honestly I might have had a few no rep pull ups.
240# Power Snatch!!!! Didn’t get to try any more
Two purple bands, 14# abmat. 140# power snatch. #backinthesaddle
135# PR power and regular snatch 🤔
2:55rx; 190 snatch(15# from prior surgery PR)
3:36 rx
205# power snatch for a 20# pr
130# snatch- 35#PR
6:06 (red band for Pull-ups); dragon bowl prep
Abmat sit up w/ 14# WB. 105# power snatch - not PR.
80# PS PR (failed 82# after multiple attempts 🤦🏼‍♀️)
Banded strict pull-ups and med ball GHDs
4:47 And I had zero no reps, Bradley Boockmeier. 😏
140# PS. Not a pr.
230 PSnatch ttb/mu work
5:22 abd mat su, band pullup. 105lb power snatch PR
5:45 with band...abmat situps
167# power snatch
217lb Power Snatch PR (arguably below parallel 😜)
2:40 WOD
100# p. sn. (PR)
5:30 w green band // dragon bowl wod
A lot longer than Buntin but Rx
PS at 82# (2# PR)
115# Power Snatch
140# snatch (-10#)
Moved thru the WOD. pulling up this caboose with no kipping... not so easy. 🤷🏼‍♀️
187# ps 2#pr
195# power snatch
Power Snatch: 190 PR, 195 PR, 200 PR, 205 PR! / 5 rounds of 5 Bar MUs ever 3 minutes.
147# snatch
176lb/80kg Lifetime PR P. Snatch
Been weightlifting for almost 6 years now so this was pretty huge for me. WOD in ~6 minutes
PRed SP from Monday and PS today, both set to 145 haha
155# ps