Darth Vader

Wednesday Jun 26 2019

1.) 3 Rounds with a Partner
20 Assault Bike Cals
10 Overhead Squats 135/95lb
20 Assault Bike Cals
20 Front Squats 135/95lb
20 Assault Bike Cals
30 Deadlifts 135/95lb
-One works, one rests
-Switch working athlete as desired
*2.) Strict ring dips
-Repeat from last week
-Increase first rep by 1
last week was 3x6,6,6
this week is 3x7,6,6
*3.) Repeat above rep scheme for Strict Pullups
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Accessory work and lots of assault bike
19:59 with Kenzie
DL + FS 95#, OHS 35#
15:15 with Barbi!
Squatted onto a box
17:48 with Trev
Finished past cap with Ann Peters
65# OHS. Half of the WOD. Thanks, Ann, for partnering up!
17:55 with Justin
14:26 Rx with Shannon VP
She’s better at biking than me.
Nancy 16:34
With Sam & Kelly
23:23 with Paula!
HSW work
17:09 with Jimbo!
SHSPU work.
Closed on the new house!
just under 20 with Ashley
Nancy 19:40something
14:19 solo (1/2 reps at 95#)
W/ Toni W. & Corrin
Almost done, 13 of last Ass. Bike cals (2 R + 20/10-20/20-13 cals). WOD Mods: #15 OHS/#40 KB Gob. Sq/#96 KB DL. Pre: 1k row -> 4x{10 hang.MB ham.curls/30s Hollow/10 ea lat. Box step-ups/40s plank
20:30 with Tom Schmidt
RX, Tom did OHS with empty barbell
15:25 w Ian
14:30 with Mike Heim
Subbed S2OH (OHS) and HPC (FS)