Pong Krell

Wednesday Jun 19 2019

1.) 20 Rounds with a Partner
25 Double Unders
10 Box Jump Overs 30/24"
5 Shoulder to Overhead 185/125lb
-One athlete does a full round while other rests
-Each athlete does 10 rounds
-40 min cap
*2.) Strict Ring Dips
-Repeat from last week
-Increase 3rd rep by one rep
last week 3x6,6,5
this week 3x6,6,6
*3.) Repeat above scheme with Strict Pullups
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Was there
Did my own thing. Damn boot
32:25 w/ Mike H.
50 SU, 100# Also accidentally called 911 during the WOD😶
24:05 w/ Shannon
Loved that
26:06 with partner. Scaled STOH 85# RX everything else.
Me and Grace in the garage
DU Attempts, 24" Step overs, #95 PP
I didn’t have a partner so I was like that awkward dude at a party that keeps joining into random groups, not saying much, then migrating to the next group.
Not sure of my time.
26:36 with Trev
21:54 with scott
20”, 85# s2oh
With Dani.
22:43 w/ Tom Fam @ 135#
Kept moving w/ Alex
Too busy laying on the ground to look at the clock.
31:47, 105lb S2O, 20in box step overs, singles. Partners Addi and MaKena
33:50 with Ashley E
Mostly single indeed, 24 box with jumps and step ups, 185# s2oh
18:48 Rx with Carly H.
Late for class meant solo wod. Rested 1:30 and kinda shadowed Holly.
25:24 rx with Pauly 💕 🥰
Lots of mobility. Long day in surgery 🥵
25:24 with Wifey
8x1 HBBS from yesterday @ 345# (90.79%) / Mobility.
19? Done alone, rested 1 min between rounds
50 du, step overs, #65 s2oh
21:54 (su’s, 24”, 75#) w/ Grace
25:45 w/ Corrin
ALL the DUs😃!!🤸‍♀️ 20” B-SO & #35 SA-DB-PJk. Pre: 2k row, 3x{EB BS/GH-R/GHSU, BS: 5x5 @105, 2x{#100 Sandbag carry & 100’ #50 sled pull.
Partnered with Justin B. He did RX I did 50 single unders, 30in and 155lbs
25:40 with Reese