Wednesday Jun 12 2019

1. 30 min Partner AMRAP
Accumulate 100 Double Unders
-One athlete works, one rests
Run 200m together
Accumulate 75 Toes to Bar
-One athlete works, one rests
Run 200m together
Accumulate 50 Alt. Pistol Squats
-One athlete works, one rests
Run 200m together
Accumulate 25 Squat Cleans 205/145lb
-One athlete works, one rests
Run 200m together
*2.) Strict Ring Dips
-Use sets from last week
-Increase 2nd rep by one rep
last week 3x6,5,5
this week 3x6,6,5
*3.) Repeat above scheme with Strict Pullups
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With angel forgot where we got. Modifications for me
2 rounds + 22 Dubs (155#) with Corinne
I’m pooped but I #loved it
2 +156 singles w/Zeamer
Row instead of run, cleans @115
2 rounds + DUBS + 1 lap of round 3
Just got started on the last run of round 2.
Snatches from yesterday at 205#
Almost 2 rds RX
With Trev
2 rds + 9 dubs.
Odd man out, solo workout (100 dubs, 38 TTB, 25 alt. pistols, 13 squat cleans @205lb each round)
2+100DU + 25m run with Scott
Double leg squat, 115# pc
1 + 11 squat cleans w/ Michelle B
Mods: SUs, bike, KBS, squats, 75# squat cleans
Finished 2 rounds (several seconds over on run)
Completed with Dr.Brian..... he did most of the work 🤦🏼‍♀️ Thanks!
1+ 50m of the last run.
w/ Alex
2+69 Toes to Bar with BStopp
I may have stopped at 69 intentionally...
2 rnds + 75 t2b w Chuck
Was trying to keep up with Lauren on the run. That little one is fast!
Solo at home
50 dubs, 25 T2B, 20 banded pistols, 10 115# cleans. 400s between.
2 rounds with T Fam.
Just what I needed after yesterday but still woof.
AZI-3 completed on 6/17/19 as extra credit. 2 rounds + 8 DUs with Wifey!
2+du’s and 25m w/ Grace (half su’s, mod pistols, 115#)
2 R + 75 T2B & 150m run**
Had fun trying to keep pace w/ Mike Heim **WOD Mods: 200m SkiErg/K2C/#65 PCln/box pistols. Pre: 2k row.
2 rounds + 20 T2B w/ Gabby
All the extra credit after
1+14 Cleans w Holly S.
55#, bike, situps