Tyrion Lannister

Thursday Apr 18 2019

Can’t is a word that we all use and I’m not sure about you but I cringe inside my soul when I catch myself saying it. “I can’t get my knees back any further in this position” is the phrase that comes to mind as one of the most used can’t statements within CFGB and as you’ve all found out yes you can but once that word was used stating otherwise it was no longer just you not doing it but truly believing your coach was crazy. Frustrated and losing confidence in your coaching is next and usually the last stage of the process is some sort of injury because as we all know position is everything, without it our body uses other ways to complete the task straining parts that aren’t made to do what you’re asking them to do. Save that word for things like: I can’t yell at my kids anymore or maybe tell your love that you just can’t stand a minute without them but whatever you do keep it out of the gym, you look so much better without it. 
Hey there Thursday. 
1.) 10 Rounds With a Partner:
Partner A: Runs 100m with 45/35lb plate
Partner B: 10m Handstand Walk
10 Synchro Box Jump Overs 24/20”
-A&B do their portions simultaneously, then switch places.
2.) Partner Hamstring Smash
3.) Lacrosse Ball Shoulder Smash
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14:33 w/ Luke
That one was fun. Snatch lift afterwards 75—125
16:17 w/Pete
Handstand walking went well. Attempts while partner was running. Made it all 10m 3/5 times!
Last Saturday's WOD 12:03
Bench 185/205/245/285/315#
The only one at 3:15= personal training with Justin 👍 RX weight and BJ/ handstand walking with assist
I believe Brad R. and I got through 7 rounds. I was an anchor slowing us down due to my sketchy HSW's.
12:51 w/Tina
Lots of foam roller
5 rds of 500m row
125, 145, 170, 195 and 220# c&j
17:28 w/ Toni
Shoulder taps.
23:38 with cripple Chris 🇺🇸🥰🤕
24:24 with Troy and Cody
Snatch 195# for 2
25:06 with Wifey
C&J from yesterday: 5@145, 4@175, 3@200, 2@235, 1@255# no fails
✅ with Reese. Biked instead of run, step ups, pushups off box and lunges
Got the band back together W/ Michelle Johnson
Needless to say we were the best team of the 515a class as one would expect.
20:something. With Justin B
Did wall walks up and practiced shifting hips to get hand off the ground.
24:24 w Cody & Mike G
All the work