Megga Tyrell

Thursday Apr 11 2019

1.) With a Partner
5 Rounds
50 DU each, performed at the same time
Athlete A: 20 Pistols, while B rests
Athlete B: 20 Pistols, while A rests
10 Partner Deadlifts 400/340/280lb
2.) Partner Calf Smash
3.) Partner Hamstring Stretch
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Bruce Hoffort101d

Do you supply the snowshoes for the run? 😆💥💯

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Angel Anderson101d

Looks like they wisened up and changed it to DU 🤣

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Justin Peterson101d

I’m still in Atlanta. Is there a lot of snow accumulated?

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Amanda Zeamer101d

No snow yet

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17:40ish with a very patient James
Pistols felt great today. Deadlifts were fun but a bit of a struggle.
15:32 with Trev
18:20 with Joe/John
Mix of DU/SU, Pistols to box, deadlift @ 135# (solo)
15:15 with Pauly, 340# and I did jumping squats, he did pistols
Saturday’s wod 15:21
15:15 with Wifey
(3) 45s & (1) 25 on my side of the barbell. 340# total. E2MOM: 3 C&J @ 225# for 5 rounds.
14:44 solo**
**WOD Mods: 30 DU(!!😃)+60SU/Narrow Sq w.#18 KB/#155 DL.
20:56 with Cody and Tom