Garlan Tyrell

Thursday Mar 28 2019

1.) 30 Minute AMRAP with a partner
10 Synchro Bar Muscle Ups (must be locked out at the top of the dip together)
100m Partner Carry, any style
20 Synchro Box Jump Overs 30/24” (must start and end the rep on the same side of the box together)
100m Partner Carry, any style
30 Synchro Toes to Bar (toes must touch bar at the same time together)
100m Partner Carry, any style
40 Cal Assault Bike (1 bike, switch biker as needed)
100m Partner Carry, any style
2.) Partner Quad Smash
3.) Partner Calf Smash
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Dirty 30...angels idea
Dirty Thirty
13:03 (Zeamer’s right, it was my idea) only part that sucked was 30 burpees 😂
2 Rounds and a carry with LIzard.
I know what you're thinking, and the answer is yes, I did make her carry me one time.
2 rounds + 5 BMU w/ The Boss
I love my wife.
SOLO 3 rounds plus 5 pull ups, 2 rounds rx TORE in MU's second round did strict pull ups and GHD's
My hands and shins hurt
2 rounds + 7 BJO with the hubby
Carried him for a total of 200m - he picked up the rest of the slack 😉
Yesterday's workout, no vest. 4x5 C&J @ 85#
2 rounds + 10 baby bar mu
3 + 20 BJO with Chuckie B
He’s heavy.
About 2 rds? w Sam sandbag carry bc we mommas.
Nice little row, DL, bjo WOD w the gang, then 800 m run after the wod bc Murph is coming. 😳
5k at home 24:55
Not enough hours in the day lately😝
2+18 T2B w/ hubby
I carried him 3 times out of 8 🥵
2 rounds plus 100m of a Double B carry
hardest part of the workout
2 rounds + 18 T2B with Wifey :)
4x5 snatch @ 155# from Tuesday / 4x6 Ring MUs
All sorts of things: Guns & Butts, attempts at Plyo, DL& SP.