Thursday Feb 14 2019

Next week Thursday, the annual CrossFit Open begins ( 
It's a worldwide test of general fitness and we've been participating in it as a gym since 2011! For 5 weeks, starting February 21st at 7pm, CrossFit headquarters releases a workout for the entire world to complete by Monday evening. Through the years, the Open has grown to over 200,000 worldwide participants.

Every Friday, the released Open workout is programmed for the entire gym to complete, and if you're signed up for the Open, you get to partner with another athlete in class and take turns doing the Open WODs, encouraging each other the whole way through. 
There will be another opportunity to retest the workouts on Sunday afternoons from Noon-3pm.

Athletes are also welcome to retest the workouts off to the side during any of our operating hours (besides Saturday Free Class) as long as you have your own judge or you videotape your workout for scoring submission.
1.) With a Partner:
Row 10,000m
-One athlete starts on the rower, the other one is resting
-Every 2 minutes, the resting athlete does 5 Ground to Overhead at 135/95lbs, then gets on the rower, and the other partner becomes the resting athlete.
2.) Partner Hamstring Smash
3.) Supernova Glute Smash

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52:14 with Allison, #55 G2OH
39:15 with Big Dawg Tom Fam!
Time is an illusion
Little o’ this and that with Yvonne! ❤️🇨🇦🇺🇸
Partner WOD with T; 75# G2O
53:00 with Angela!
Rx weight for me.
8000 meters @ class end with Michelle. 75# G2O
40:39 (Tried to drag it out another 30 seconds but no go) with Jordan W. @ 115#
EC of sunrise/sunset with no commentary from Buntin. Dissapointing.
57 minutes...solo
row 1000m then 5 g2oh at 115#...10000/50
37:52 RX
Flying solo
With Garrett at home. Poor guy didn’t get much rest.😝
39:11 with my forever valentine, sweetheart, honey bunny
41:11 with Chris
15 miles on ass bike instead of row, all unbroken power snatches besides first round
38:59 w/ Zach!
Ground to overhead WITH weight today!!!!!! 55# - ZERO PAIN. Moved with Sam and Kelly at open gym.
41:33 with Christian S.
42:10??? w/Jamie and Buntin’s Shadow!
39:51 with Wifey :)
All G2O UB - 2/15/19 4x6 pause front squats @ 205# / Crossover Symmetry protocol
42:29 with Adam
95# for me
115# w Ryan F
51:20 w/ Heather 75# GTOH
44:05 w/ Chris Miller
WOD Mods: C2 went great! S2O w/ #26 SA KB Cln&Jk -> PT stuff.
39:19 with my Valentine Brad Bookmeier
47:43 solo
10 RFT 5 G2O (135#) 1000m row
Did about 75% of it, 35#
with Bruce!!