Thursday Jan 31 2019

Thursday evening at 6pm, we're having Becky, from Aurora, in for a seminar on Dry Needling! Check it out if you've been thinking about trying it and want to see how it works!

The gym closes at 12:30pm Friday! We will be getting the whole place set up from 12:30pm until we're ready to roll. 
If you'd like to help out in the afternoon, just show up anytime from 12:30-3pm and we will put you to work!

The gym is closed all weekend while we host our annual CrossFit competition, The Ice Bowl, presented by Aurora BayCare Sports Medicine. 

The first workout starts at 9am sharp Saturday and again on Sunday!
Spectating is free so come check it out!
1.) 15 min AMRAP
15 Cal Row
15 Thrusters 95/65lb
15 Cal Row
10 Chest to Bar Pullups (Don't tear your hands!)
*2.) 3 Rounds
20m Sled Pull 3x45lb/2x45lb plates
20m UB Broad Jump
*3.) EMOM 5
10 Alt. Pistols
5 Snatch 135/95lb  


Brian Hartinger146d

Iā€™m wearing special protection if Fridays workout is named Theon

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Megan Vogel146d

Did this just switch from bike to row?

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Krystal Lowney146d

I thought there were GHDs too?!šŸ¤”šŸ˜©

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Justin Peterson146d

I may have put away half of the GHDs so I had to change that.

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2+15 thrusters
Rowing next to Mike Heim.....
2 + 3 cals after thrusters, 55#, purple band
+ 100 cal assault bike
3 Rounds @ 55#
Band for pullups
2+7 cal after thrusters. Rx
EC: 5 rnds (10 burpee box step over, 10 ttr)
3 rds + 11 cal
2 + 14 cal after thrusters RX
4 rounds + 1 cal
2 + 2pull ups
2 + 1 cal after thrusters
3 rds + 12 cals after thrusters
Ring Rows with BOTH arms šŸ™ŒšŸ» And DB Thrusters with BOTH arms. (35/10#). Say what?!? Pistol prac w rig. Sled pull SA/Box jumps.
I showed up and moved around!
4 rounds + 5 thrusters
UB movements / 3x7 Overhead Tricep Extension with an 80# dumbbell / 3x10 BODBR with (2) 70# dumbbells / Mobility
2 +5 thrusters #55, c2b with green band
2+15 thrusters
purple band on Pullups
3+ 2 thrusters (65#)
5 reps short of 4 rds.
3 rds + 18 cal
2 + 2 cal of 2nd row, 35#