Wednesday Jan 30 2019

Wednesday evening at 6pm, we're having a judges meeting to go over scoring workouts for The Ice Bowl. 
If you have any interest in helping judge (we need a lot) please show up to this meeting!

Thursday evening at 6pm, we're having Becky, from Aurora, in for a seminar on Dry Needling! Check it out if you've been thinking about trying it and want to see how it works!
1.) 5 Rounds
10 Burpee Box Jump Overs 30/24"
10 Toes to Bar
*2.) Every 2 min for 5 rounds
30ft HS Walk
4 D-Ball Cleans 150/100lb
-Add 2 reps to D-Ball each round
*3.) 10 min to establish 1RM Hang Snatch

Brian Hartinger146d

..I’m wearing special protection if Fridays workout is named Theon.

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Some of this. Some of that. Ya know.
HSW, 100# sand bag clean- finished every rd except last rd didn’t finish in 2 min.
12:35. 🤒
EC fun with Kelly, Green and Vogel
11:02. 30 T2B, 20 toes to rig
11:52, 20in 📦
Du & handstand practice
Bran 10:42 Yesterday’s wod 14:44
At home 85#, minus the rope climbs.
Snatches up to 130#, sandbag and HSW fun
ICE Bowl stuffs
Open Gym w Kelly, greenie & Jimbo.
Bike WOD. + 30 dubs/DB LUNGE x 3 rds.
Ec with Kelly,Megan and Macco
Arya from Monday: 3 rounds + 1 HSPU / *2.) complete with a second to spare! / 3x10 arm curls with 35# dumbbells.
➕Icebowl stuff
**20" grasshopper Step overs v. burpees & V-ups v. T2B. Other: 1000 SU, 60 squats (#35)100 WL, 100 AMSU,
Nice and Easy. Practice team wod 1 with Kayla. #icebowlready
Did a few more things.