Felix The Cat

Monday Jan 21 2019

This British Tribute WOD is dedicated to all the RLC EOD operators who expended their 9 lives and paid the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan. Among them they defused 100’s of explosive devices, saving countless lives. Gaz O’Donnel G.M., Dan Shepherd G.C., Oz Schmid G.C., Dan Read Q.G.M., Brett Linley G.M., Lisa Head. The RLC EOD left Afghanistan on the 26 October 2014.
1.) Felix The Cat
6 Rounds for Time
9 Burpees
9 Box Jumps (24/20")
9 Pull-Ups
9 Thrusters (95/65lb)
9 Toes-to-Bar
With a weight vest (20/14lb)
*2.) 3x10 Single Leg Glute Bridges (10 per side)
*3.) With a Partner
10 min AMRAP
One Partner does full round, then switch:
30 Double Unders
95lb Thrusters with men's bar, regardless of gender (Men do 15 reps/Women do 10)

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20:13 no vest 65#
All my accessory stuff
24:51 scaled
45#, red/green band pu, t2b to //ish. No vest!
21:52 55# no vest T2B mostly to bar
26 minutes scaled to piss
21:41 LRx
Never even considered a vest. A few 6’s and a couple of 9’s, yadda yadda yadda 21:41 (Senior discount)
19:12 no vest then additional round
30:00, scaled, no vest
16:20 no vest
No vest
22:05. Scaled
22:39. No vest.
Yet again I came out too hot. (Twss). 😏
55#, no vest
25:55 w/ Vest
Yikes that one hurt.
465lb Deadlift PR! +30lbs
27:20, no vest
No bands, all toes touched bar ... I’ll take it.
No vest
25:52 rx 20# weight vest
26:24 vested and slow
BS PR 255#, EC butt stuff, DB rows/shrugs, Hollyman 27:36
Tested the Ice bowl WODs
16:11 **
Vested BUT all mods. Lunges. Step Ups. Ring rows. DB thruster. V ups. 😏 #Moving #Eh
20:52 w/vest
23:05 No Vest
18:09 wearing my 20# vest
UB movements / Laura and I completed the Ice Bowl's "The One with All the Tens" partner WOD :)
26:10 modified
17:44 no vest (65#)
26:16 no vest
24:29 Rx
24:36 RX no vest
Pumpin' All the weights
@ "Workout Anytime": 75 min of 4Γ—{BC/KB lunge/#25 sit-up/seated row/TE/SA lat.pull/leg sled/3' JR/& trying to ignore the geezer trying to hit on meπŸ˜‚
15:26 no vest
19:11 @75#
No vest
25:21, several mods
I'm not trash!