Sunday Jan 20 2019

Well, we made it through the Dragonball Z saga! My goal was for the gym to have 69 personal records broken, but it looks like we've absolutely decimated that number. 
I'm thinking it was closer to 169!
Great work, everyone!

Tomorrow we start a Hero Week, but don't worry, the Hero WODs we're doing aren't that rowdy. We need to keep everyone fresh for The Ice Bowl.
After Hero Week, we start our new cycle, The Game of Thrones Saga.
It will start with an Ice Bowl prep week, and on February 4th we add in the strength cycle, and will have chances to attempt new 1RMs in mid April.
1.) 30 Rounds
5 Wallballs 20/14
3 Handstand Pushups
1 Power Clean 225/155lb
2.) Lacrosse Ball Trap Smash
3.) Partner Quad Smash
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Chris Ness158d

I think you accidentally wrote 30 rounds

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Derek Zehms157d

GoT 👍🏻

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Theresa Rosenquist156d


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Bunch of modifications
Team WOD with Tom fam
12# wb, 2mats+10lb plate, 95# ... Team WOD
33:48 (105#)
Otherwise Rx
Hotel WOD
50 air squats/800m run/40-600/30-400/20-200/10-100. EMOM x 5 min. 3 DB hang clean. 6 DB push press. 12 dB walking lunges.
32:42 @205#
Team WOD with my bed
Frigid temperatures in the garage.
30:28 @ 185#
Team word with Hanfam