Max Week Day 2: Snatch

Tuesday Jan 15 2019

Starting yesterday, Monday, we began our max out week. The WODs will be more low key to help keep you fresh all week long for establishing your new 1RMs. 
We began with the least taxing movement for your central nervous system, the Strict Press. Today, we work up in weight, establishing the Snatch, then Clean & Jerk on Wednesday, take an off day on Thursday, find the Back Squat on Friday and lastly, the Deadlift on Saturday. 
I want everyone to record their maxes in their profile on our website, as well as show it off for the world on your social media accounts!
1.) 20 Min to Establish 1RM Snatch (3 Fail Rule applies to 1RM attempts!)
2.) 5 Rounds
5 Strict Pullups
5 Strict Handstand Push Ups
10 Jump Squats as high as you can
*3.) Partner Quad Smash
*4.) 3x5 Behind the Neck Split Jerk @ 60% 1RM (Do not cycle)
*5.) 10-8-6-4-2
Empty Barbell
High Hang Power Cleans
Squat Cleans
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Bruce Hoffort163d

Will you be adding Strict Press to the short list of lifts in our bio page? It would make it easier to keep track of.

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Bruce Hoffort162d

OK, I will take that as a "no".

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52# snatch not good
80# PR snatch
5:46 ab mat and 10# plate
120# snatch
9:20, mat and 35# plate for hspu
5:06 with gen band and 2 ab mats
100# snatch 5# PR!!
120# Strict Press PR
135 Power Snatch
6:30 bands and pushups Strict presss to 115. No pr
255# Snatch. Missed 260# for a PR 😒😒😒
140# snatch
6:10 w/ a band, 20# DB overheads vs HSPU. #injurylessness
130# snatch PR
80# Snatch
15# PR for 200#!!
3:46 scaled HSPU with 2 ab mats
100# snatch (not PR - but happy to be squat snatching!)
95# snatch (5# PR), 7:41
SPU with red band for first round, Green for the rest. Kipping HSPU with 1 mat + 15# plate
82lb Snatch PR 5:40
Banded pull ups and plate with ab mat for HSPU
145# snatch. no P.R.
57# snatch
SPU with purple, black & red band for the first 3 rounds. Finished the last two rounds w/ just the black & purple band. Modified HSPU w/ a 24” box. Completed in 9 minutes.
4:14 kept moving
255 Snatch. (20# PR) Ashley and Justin with the tips πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
9:43 banded pullup, hand stand hold. 105lb snatch( not PR, 110 is prior PR)
130# PR - 6:09
I don't think I managed my time very well, I could have snatched more..
5:58 had to adjust hspu
245lb Snatch PR!!!
92# (2#PR!)
132# snatch PR!! πŸ˜ƒ to think I debated not coming tonight
15# plate & abmat for strict hspu
132# Snatch - 7# PR!! πŸ’ͺ🏼
I showed up but my snatch did not!
Than I did other fitness things go me.
80# snatch. 8:00 hspu kipping , decreasing plate 15,10#, pu red band strict 3 rounds, other 2 kipping but stayed on bar for 4 then 5..
222# Snatch PR!
2# PR but I'll take it! / Current bodyweight: 198# / 95,115,135,165,185,195,205,215,222 / WOD complete not for time.
125# not a PR
7:30 modified
Squat 120lbs PR
6:15 (box hspu)
75# sn
^135# snatch (no pr). PR on strict UB HSPU though (5! 😁). For time: 2 rounds: 15 cal row, 25 T2B 2 rounds: 15 cal row, 10 BMU 15:10. 3x10 barbell flute bridge (w/pause), lateral DB lunges, rear DB lungs w/ pause. 3 rounds: 20 GHDS, 50’ HS walk
Kickr engine work
Hills! 15 mi.
147# (2# pr) woo!
165# PR (8#) !!
Finished 5 rds
6:00, several mods
60# Snatch