Goku (Kakarot)

Sunday Jan 6 2019

Starting on Monday, we begin our week of maintenance. 
Focus on skill and positioning with each rep to get you ready to max out the week of the 14th. 
I’m excited to see all of the personal records!
1.) Row 250m
10 Muscle Ups
1 Front Squat 255/185lb (from the ground)
Row 250m
8 Muscle Ups
2 Front Squat
Row 250m
6 Muscle Ups
3 Front Squat
Row 250m
4 Muscle Ups
4 Front Squat
Row 250m
2 Muscle Ups
5 Front Squat
2.) Partner Quad Smash
3.) Lacrosse Ball Shoulder Smash
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Team WOD with Lizard and Jamie!
Team WOD w Terri & Michelle
Team WOD with Brad and Jamie!
Happy Sunday everyone!
Team MOD.
Worked out w a bunch of modifications.
I was there today!
Company departed! School, food prep, cleaning, picking up Laura's car from Gorzelanczyk household after Emily drove it to Marinette.
1:10:00 indoor bike
15 mi, FTP @80-85%×3 10 min intervals & yoga