Thursday Nov 29 2018

Today is the first of our regularly programmed WOD & Bod days.
The purpose of these is to get a great workout in as well as have allotted time to encourage (force) our athletes to take care of themselves.

If the mobility listed doesn't target your specific needs, let the coach know your problem area and they can help you come up with a game plan!

1.) 20-15-10-15-20
Pistol Squats, alternating
GHD Sit-ups 
(Scale GHD reps as needed or use Abmat)
2.) 8 min calf smashing
3.) 12 min Upper Shoulder/Back lacrosse ball smash
4.) Pick a piece of Extra Credit from another day

james macco424d

what happened to GHD Annie?!?! I got all excited and stuff. :(

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Krystal Lowney424d

Me too! Bet we’re gonna get scolded for looking ahead😕

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Justin Peterson424d

Enough calves/achilles for a little bit. Also, I don't mind if you look ahead to help you plan your week of workouts.

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Megan Vogel423d


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Timm Uhlmann424d

Why not just do ghd Annie if that's what you want to do?

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Chris Ness424d

what is GHD annie again? She sounds like a bitch!

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Justin Peterson424d

Timm has a point. You could just do GHD Annie anyway.

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Just call me Pistol Pete
Liz ripped my calves off so that was cool
Mobilized everything and feeing limber af
"Pistols" with feet together & attempted to lift one foot at the bottom
9:57 pistol squats on 16” box + 10lb plate. Ghd were half full, half parallel + an extra 5 (miscount 🤨)
6 x6 oh squats w 15 lb 😒, 5 x 6 purple band strict pull-ups superset with full pushups. Some dB snatches. Practiced double unders. 4 mile run earlier.
Present: pistols to 20 inch box
Hour assault bike, mobility
3x10 Double kettlebell overhead archer squats complete with 9s, 13s, and 26s / All mobility complete / EMOM2: 1 legless rope climb, 10 wallball sit-ups, and 10 cal assault EC from Tuesday complete / Strict Press from yesterday: 3x3 strict press @ 125# then 2x5 strict press at the same weight.
Pistols to blue box, half ghd to parallel, half ab mat situps with #16 WB
6x6 ohs#75
8:55 (? Couldn’t see clock right away)
“Dari” before the WOD. Legs were gone after that! For time: 60 cal assault, 50 box jump overs, 40 T2B, 30 PS (85#) 17:41 ❤️Chippers🐿