Deer Classic 300

Friday Nov 16 2018

The greatest weekend of the year is upon us, Opening Wisconsin Deer Gun Hunt!! Let’s celebrate the beginning of this glorious weekend with our annual Deer Classic 300! Remember to keep that midline nice and tight on the way down and back up so we can keep those shoulders and elbows happy! 
The last of three gymnastics classes for November will be today 11/16 at 8:15am.  Class  will focus on the movements Knees to Elbow/Toes to Bar/Strict Toes to Bar/Ball up on rings to pass through.  
 If you already attended a class remember we are focusing in on one skill a month to give you 2-3 weeks of time to practice all the tips you receive at the class before next month's skill starts..  
1.) Deer Classic 300
300 Burpees for time
*2.) for time:
10 cal Assault Bike
5 Front Squat 315/215lb (85%)
4 Deficit Strict Handstand Push-ups 2x45/1x45
10 cal Assault Bike 
4 Front Squat 315/215lb
3 Deficit Strict Handstand Push-ups 2x45/1x45
10 cal Assault Bike 
3 Front Squat 315/215lb
2 Deficit Strict Handstand Push-ups 
*3.) 10 Rope Climbs for time
*4.) 7 minute AMRAP 
5 Bar Muscle Ups 
12 Deadlift 225/155lb
*5.) 3 rounds
15 Bent Over Dumbbell Row
15 Parallel Ring Row
15 Reverse Hyper
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50 sec pr. Starts off good turns into hell. Not my favorite workout but I did it.
34:38 First timer πŸ‘Š possibly last timer πŸ˜…
At home with Odin!
Burpees, situps, assault bike. Ruff
22:50 PR By 1:23
EC with LK
27:33 - 3:10 PR.
4 mile company run 44:04. First day of running since off profile
6th year of this workout..😝🧑
23:55 PR 🦌
5:15am class is rough for me. Tried 13/minute
21:43 (more than 2 minute PR!)
15/round died REAL quick.. can’t math, so just sent it!
3 Mile Run
Happy Friday!
Crossfit Fringe - Columbia, MO
Push Press x 2 - Push Jerk x 3. 4 rounds. Add load. + Cindy (14 rds + 8 pushups). Deadlifts & BMU banded. GHD/ring rows. Oh and it’s GAMEDAY! πŸ€
Worked until 8:45 p.m. / Deer Classic 300 complete in 21:22 PR! / 5x10 pronated BOBBRs @ 135# / 3x10 supinated BOBBRs @ 135#
26:17.... woof
25:25 (20 second pr)
31:53 Uhg that was hard
***300 WL + 300 AMSU (#sore2morrow!)
15/min died around minute 11ish. Then went straight to 10/min as "recovery" for a bit. Then straight to ludicrous speed to finish it