Shaking Hands

Thursday Sep 20 2018

The Squat Jerk is Back this week and under the correct name:) Please continue to concentrate on good positioning as in, no matter where you receive that bar it is vital that your hips are in a position to continue to flow into a full squat without correction along the way. 
Nice job to everyone on the blocks today! Every time you get on those blocks remember about the past weeks at High Hang and how much work those hips can do for you. Long story short make sure you’re pulling that bar through High Hang position you’ve trained from for 5 weeks. 
Have a great Thursday!
1.) Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes 5 Squat Jerk within 10% of established 5RM
*2.) Back Squat/Push Press/Bench Press
5 x 5 @ approx 90-95% of 5RM
Note: If you are lacking a 5 rep max of any of these lifts go ahead and take the 5 rounds to establish one. 
1.) Shaking Hands
Assault Bike
Thrusters 95/65lb
*2.) for time:
Overhead Squat 155/105lb
Box Overs 30/24”
*3.) 50 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 95/65lb
Note: Not necessarily for time so make them good
*4.) 10 minute EMOM
odd: 10 Strict Ring Dips
even: 20 Banded Ring Dips
note: The banded Ring Dips should be done within 30-40 seconds
*5.) 7 minute up the ladder, starting at 1 rep and adding 1 rep each round
Wide Grip Pull-up 
Parallel Ring Rows
Note: The pull-ups are as wide of a grip as possible and use a box on the Ring Rows pulling yourself in to a parallel to the floor position
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Jennifer McFall299d

What is the time cap? I'll try and complete tonight

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Sylvia Christensen299d

16:00 cap

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RX. 20 reps from end. Finished after time cap. Squat jerk at 65#
That should be called “yuck”.
15:28 - subbed back squats cause 👆 🤕
14/20 Thrusters @ 15:00 cap
155# SJ
12:29 - My hands were shaking after...
155# 5RM Squat Jerk
9-7-5 OHsquats 135 Box overs
I’m shaking ☠️☠️ Cool
11/20 cal at time cap (on way down)
55# Thruster. 55# 5RM SJ.
45lb 3/4 Squat , 17:23
2/20 thrusters (second set) at cap RX
Squat jerk @ 65#. trying to get lowwww
15:34, thrusters at 45#
105# squat jerk
HHPS 1RM 100lb Running clock 18min 1 mile run AMRAP 30DU, 15 DB snatch, 10 box jump (35lb db, 20in box) 3 +40
18:30 w 35lb thrusters.
Squat jerks 35lb working on form, 4x6-10 ghd sit ups, 4x4-5 purple band pull-ups
16:25 at 65#
65# PJ
Rest day
Squat jerks @ 85#
Squat jerks @130#, OHS/box overs, 50 pistol squats, GH raises/kip swings/hallow rocks
Part of my soul was left somewhere between the bike and the bar, if anyone finds it please place in the lost & found and I"ll pick it up later - thanks!
Is it bad I really liked that workout? SJ 55# (form). 4 rds - 500m row/21 GHD/5 HSPU. 7 min ladder ring rows/SPU. Shoulder rehab stuff.
12:10 (rower)
175# squat jerk
Recovering from left trapezius strain.
Speed ladder warm-up / EMOM20: 25 meter sled drag with (3) 45# plates / 150 cal row in 6:15 / 150 cal Assault bike in 8:30 / 150 cal Ski Erg in 7:30 / Total time for all 450 cals was 27 minutes on the running clock / EMOM10: 10 UB ring push-ups for 100 total.
125 lb Squat Jerk & 30 Thrusters done at 15 min cap
85 5RM SqJ/21:27 RX
17 of 30 cals at cap
Through 30s at cap (not easy to do alone at 715)
14:26 (65#)
Power Jerk 60#
16:24, 125# 5RM
9-7-5 OHS/BJO 2:26
Rest and Mobility Day
Still got tempted by doing the 5x5 in BS and set a PR by 10 pounds after because legs felt fine and I have no chill. "rest day"
Squat jerk up to 125#
The opposite of fun.
155# power jerk
18/30 thrusters, 25#