Friday Aug 24 2018

So we go to work every day and do pretty much the same thing over and over and over until the work day is over. No matter if you’re sitting at a desk clicking a mouse, swinging sledgehammers, picking things up and moving them or whatever it may be it involves repetition in some form or fashion. A very small portion of us are training for the games with the majority training for life but both require basically the same thing, becoming consistent and efficient through repetition. Wonder why we do what we do here at CFGB using our entire bodies pretty much every day? It’s because our training mimics actual life, non stop repetition. Train like you live and since your life doesn’t give your shoulders, legs or whatever body part may be sore a day off we are going to prepare you for that. Take rest days from the gym because you actually can but when you’re not on a rest day use that hour to prepare for the toughest WOD in our lives, daily life. 
Have a great Friday!
1.) Eva
5 rounds
800m Run
30 Kettlebell Swings 2/1.5 pood
30 Pull-ups 
*2.) 5 Rounds NFT
10 Reverse Hyper
12 Hip Extension 
10 Supinated Grip Bent Over Row
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Troy Foley269d

You spelled “Evil” wrong.

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Grant Soletski269d

That was kinda funny

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Chris Ness269d

I use these nightly posts to show my kids what can happen when you don’t try in school.

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Grant Soletski269d

I use your nightly comments to show my kids how not to be a dick.

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Chris Ness268d

How do you read it to them though?


Bradley Boockmeier269d

I’m gonna need the 8:15 and 9:15 slots to finish this one 🤭


Nick Fonti269d


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43:57 Russian
Didnt get lapped by Heim...but it was close! 🤗
Rx Russian, ring rows last round ripped. Someday I’ll be a runner and gymnasty
54:25 scaled
Jog/mall walk, 35# kb, half red and green banded pu/half ring rows
45:15 (light KB and ring rows)
34:49 RX fell on head
36:5? 2rds American kB then 3 kbhp
Clean ladder 135,155,185,225,245(missed 245) Front rack walk 40ft Jerk
Damn you MICHAEL!!!!! 🤣🤣😂☠️🏳️
1.5 mile AB instead of run
38:38 4 rounds
53# KB, 45 PUs rest ring rows
41:54 / Russian
A little DL work too
26:35 for 1/2 eva
5rds. row 500m, 15KB at 53# and 15 pull ups
34:04 🇺🇸 Swings
59:01 - 35# kb
Walk/preggo jog, 3rds green band pull ups, 2rds ring rows
46:17 (35#kb)
42:29 rx 🇺🇸 swings
Just glad I didn’t puke
46:12 RX
18 strict wide grip pull-ups, clean/FR walk/jerk EC, sandbag over yoke and yoke carries
completed 3 rounds in 27:44 RX
had to leave early :(
Russian swings - 45#/GHD & box jumps for PU. Jello legs. Still suck at running BUT I can feel a huge difference from just a few months ago.
36:59 with American Swings
Crossover Symmetry Recovery
4 + 8 DB snatch
14 minute AMRAP: 10 FR DB Lunges, 10 alt. DB squat snatch, 10 FR DB step ups (35#/30”). Yesterday’s PP EMOM at 120 (75% bc I’m not sure what my 10RM is)
🔥🔥Yoga🔥🔥 ("Eva done 8/27)
Although I do love "Eva" it is a much needed rest day. Enjoy the painstorm!!
40:34 RX
I honestly couldn't pick more perfect running conditions if I had the choice
47:23 American swing
46:10 🇺🇸
9:31 PR