Time to Go

Sunday Aug 19 2018

Congrats to Mike G, Jimbo M and myself as we competed down in Appleton yesterday! 4th place out of 6 teams was the final result with Mike and Jim carrying me through 4 pretty horrible workouts. Nice job fellas it was a honor to compete next to you. 
Team WOD this morning at 7am for all interested in sharing the burden of the WOD with a few friends. 
Have a great Sunday! 
1.) Time to Go
13 minute AMRAP 
30/24 cal Assault Bike
9 Bar Muscle Up 
30/24 cal Row
18 Push Jerks 135/95lb
30 Chest to Bars
27 Deadlift 185/135lb
2.) 15 minute AMRAP
10 Knees to Elbow
30 4-count Flutter Kicks
1:30 Plank Hold 

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15 banded pull ups.. rope pulls, 65#
Ab stuff for 15 min
1rd. + 4.1cals assault bike RX
4rds ab. EC
18/18 PJs Rx
5x5 Back squats 2 @ 165#, 3 @ 170#
Hero wod Daniel (pull-ups, running, thrusters) @ home 18:53
5x5 HBBS @ 315# / Hero WOD Daniel complete in 15:59 with sets of 10s or 5s for pull-ups and UB thrusters. Crossover symmetry.
Can't do math. 9 push jerks. 10 c2b #80 BMu low rings
Ab e.c
SolaFide CrossFit
Nancy- 13:19. Worked up to 145# OHS double. 3x12 Bulgarian split squats. 3x18 good morning (65#).
4 deadlifts short of 1 rnd
Finished deadlifts after the time cap. Weightliftimg after: snatches, snatch pulls, some wierd press thing I forgot the name of, BS amd FS