Thursday Aug 16 2018

So this is officially our first “rest day” of our new training season. The quotes around the words rest day does not mean that we don’t really have a rest day or we don’t take them serious. The quotes mean that the 3 on 1 off programming does not work for the majority of the population so we program for 7 days a week because rest days vary based on life per athlete. If tomorrow is not your rest day you can do the workout and do extra credit if you wish from days past but if you’ve done everything on board since Monday take those quotes off the word “rest day” and make that rest day a reality. Don’t be afraid of rest days they are really good for you. 
Have a great Thursday!
1.) Nancy 
5 Rounds 
400m Run
15 Overhead Squats 95/65lb
*2.) SPUC
Strict Wide Grip Pull-ups 
Strict Narrow Grip Pull-ups 
Strict Chin-ups 
*3.) 3 rounds
15 Back Extension
15 Dumbbell Bent Over Row
15 Reverse Hyper
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So close to a pr 🙄🤦‍♀️
Stuff at work
Willingly did burpees
Sweat PR
Should’ve scaled weight & gone for speed
14:07 Rx, 2) SPUC
Lifted heavy things
^315# BS (30# pr) | ^250# clean (5# pr)
Sweatin’ like an oldie
17:30 rx
(58 sec pr). SPUC done.
19:53, 55# OS
RX, 20:44 back locking up on 2nd 400m
17:30 75#, row 500m for run
45 secs slower
15:22 w mods - 35# & .5 bike
13:45 (46 seconds fitter)
46 cals assault bike tabata
11 strict wide grip pull ups, 5 rounds 10 GHDs/4 hips to rings, 20 FS 150# unbroken, sled pulls and sandbag cleans, barbell
15:32 RX
HAVE to find a way to be a better runner. 5-4-3-2-1 pull up complex. Row/Rev Hyper.
16:56 56 seconds slower wtf.
Granite game work out with Grant and Ryan F.
12:36 = 42 second PR!
20 front squats from yesterday complete @ 235# in sets of 8-7-5. Wanted 11-9 but got dizzy during the first set. 3x10 Glute Ham Raise holding a 10# plate.
17:39 rx weight. Ran 3 rounds and biked 2
7 sec PR ☺️
14:33 (65#)
1/2 spuc with red band
**👵400m SkiErg & #22 bar (shoulder preservation) & 3×{15s GH-BE/BOR/R-HYP.
Rest Day RX
17:12, 15#, bike