Guest WOD - CrossFit Linchpin

Sunday Aug 5 2018

Late Early post tonight this morning, I apologize I stayed after tonight and watched the evening events with my girls and some great friends. Great day for Tom as he didn’t fail a muscle up, realized 205lb Back Squat is nothin and successfully swam 500m in open water without dying oh and under the time cap too! Sitting in 8th with 1 workout to go today at 10:15am. Thank you all so much for the support, I know this means the world to Tom. You all are some kick ass humans👊🏼🇺🇸
Here’s to Sunday!
CrossFit Linchpin workout for 8-4-18
15 rounds
50m Dumbbell Farmer Carry 50/35lb
25 Double Unders 
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Plus some back squats at 80%
Witnessed the final events in the Colosseum, drove home, and unpacked. Awesome weekend!