Master’s Final

Saturday Aug 4 2018

Day 3 was a much needed rest day for Tom. He’s ready to get a little gymnasty tomorrow at 1 and then swim like an old fish at 3. It’s going to be a big day so if you’re here cheer loud and if you’re somewhere else cheer even louder. On another note I heard through the grapevine Kelly Bruhel snatched 185lb today for Backcountry CrossFit. Dang. 
Please join us for our weekly Free Community Workout at 8:15am and you can work out where the Games athletes do and most likely right next to them too. 
1.) Master’s Final 
For time:
Deadlift 185/125lb
Deadlift 225/155lb
Toes to Bar
Deadlift 275/185lb
Ring Dips
2.) 3 x 15 Reverse Hyper

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Timm Uhlmann436d

I want to swim more too! I miss swimming in my fitness world

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23:57 RX
got to round 3 at the 10:15 mark... struggle bus for last round but got all the dips up on the rings!!! Breakthrough day for me. Didn’t think that was a workout that was possible to do RX! Thanks Ryan!
Warm-up: 10-20-30-40-50-40-30-20-10 UB double-unders / EMOM20: Odd minutes - 8 thrusters with 60# dumbbells, even minutes - 10 one-arm snatches with a 65# dumbbell, switched arms every set / 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Single-arm alternating dumbbell hang C&J @ 65# and lateral burpees over the dumbbell. Hot tub for recovery!