More Games and a variation of an old girl

Friday Aug 3 2018

Day 2, 2018 CrossFit Games is in the books. Tom had a pretty great day moving up in the rankings to 7th from 11th when he started this morning. First event Tom carried a yoke like he was back on the farm taking 6th in that workout. Number 2 was a shoulder to Overhead, nailed 205lb and attempted 215 but to no avail taking 14th in that workout but immediately following began the next workout. 2 rounds of 800m Row, 600m Ski Erg and 40 Dumbbell Squats at 30 pounds. A good old pain cave workout and Tom dove right into the abyss on his way to a second place finish. Yes I said second,  Dang girl! Anyways, Tom is off tomorrow back to work on Saturday. We’ll get him rested up and have him ready to destroy on Saturday👊🏼🇺🇸
30 deficit handstand push-ups
40 deadlifts
50-cal. Assault Bike
60 bar-facing burpees
  M 4-in. deficit, 225-lb. deadlift
  F 3-in. deficit, 155-lb. deadlift
* Time cap: 16 minutes
21-15-9 reps for time of:
Chest-to-bar pull-ups
M 85 lb.   F 55 lb.
Time cap: 6 minutes for BC1
1 minute Transition 
12-9-6 reps for time of:
Bar muscle-ups
M 125 lb.   F 85 lb.
Time cap: 6 minutes for BC2
Bicouplet 1 and Bicouplet 2 will be separately scored events. Athletes will have 6 minutes to complete one bicouplet, then a 1-minute transition before starting the next BC. 
*3.) GHD Annie 
Double Unders
GHD Sit-ups 

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Interesting hspu, rx deads, bike, 12 measly burpees
50 Tricep dips
Forgot how hard this crossfit stuff is
21 burpees at cap.. 95# DL, hspu from box
Snatch/C2B EC
33 burpees at cap
13:16 rx
GHD Annie
1 Mat hspu
12:54 regular hspu, yesterdays #1
OH squats 1-1-1-1 DU GHD
32 Burpees at time cap
14/60 burpees
Strict HSPU 1 abmat, 135# DL, scaled burpees
51 burpees at cap. Modified HSPU's, everythings else Rx.
Got a little snatchy. / GHD Annie as well. Abs for daaaazzzz.
Marathon row: 3:39:46
I have no idea how no one got up to walk around at all lol
Rest Day
Mowed the grass RX tho... 💯
19 burpees at time cap RX
95# snatch and C2B
HSPU from box, 115#dl, 20 of 60 burpees at cap.
Fun day at the Games!
Did mini workouts in the Vendor Pavilion.
Regular hspu, 185# DL. Ghd annie afterwards
Regular HSPU