JUMP FINISH and more Games Stuff

Thursday Aug 2 2018

Day 1 of the CrossFit Games is in the books. Tom represented CFGB like a boss today with an 8th, a 15th and a 7th place finishing putting him 11th overall going in to day 2. Highlights include Tom PRing his Clean 3 times, nearly flawless dubbs, making it 10, 15 & 17.5 foot increments Handstand Walking, and Tom finally got his first pair of official Weightliftig Shoes! Anyways, very proud of you Tom and bring on Day 2.
Yo Friday! Thursday. 
5 rounds for time of:
6 muscle-ups
6 back squats 275/185lb
30 box jump-overs 30/24”
*2.) Establish 1RM Shoulder to Over Head 
*3.) 2 rounds for time of:
800-m row
600-m SkiErg
40 dumbbell squats 35/20lb
Time cap: 21 minutes for men, 23 min. for women
*4.) Rope and Yoke
For time:
300-m run
4 rope climbs
44-ft. yoke carry
300-m run
3 rope climbs
44-ft. yoke carry
300-m run
2 rope climbs
44-ft. yoke carry
300-m run
1 rope climb
44-ft. yoke carry
  M 14-15: 300-lb. yoke
  M 50-54: 380-lb. yoke
  M 55+: 300-lb. yoke
  F 14-15: 245-lb. yoke
  F 50-54: 300-lb. yoke
  F 55+: 245-lb. yoke

Time cap: 20 minutes
*5.) 5 rounds
10 Reverse Hyper
10 Hip Extension 

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Sylvia Christensen438d

Glad we can skip Thursday and just straight into Friday! 😁

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Bruce Hoffort438d

Man this week flew by..


Rick Paulick437d

Still recovering from the Murph... lol I can barely move.


Brett Kohout437d

Saaaame. Arms are still locked up 🙃

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~27min bs @165#
Super frustrating on the rings today. Got 26 MUs and all the squats.
14:26 @ 205#
Time unknown
MU from floor. 185# BS
yoke carry, running & rope climbs (12:23); 15 minute snatch emom @ 85# 0-5 high hang, 6-10 hang, 11-15 from floor; doubles & oly
10:58 245# (Murph killed my hams)
40’ HSW 20 WB 40’ HSW
20:20ish 225lb squat
13:38; 125#
17:05 mod MUs 155#
BS 135#, MUP on purple band, 24” box.
12:25: 165lb, low ring mu, 20in box jump
✅ w mods
85# bs, ring rows, box step ups (7:44) // Wed. EC#3: singles & 85#
Done on 8/6: scaled as followed - 3 ring mu/155# back squats 5 rounds 33:37
Done on 8/7: P. S. Games workout (as listed on *3)17:59
***RX backsquat weight, some RX muscle ups and others were long arm attempts...HSW/wallball/HSW, dubs and cleans WOD, 7.5 mile AB, Run/rope climb/yoke WOD
Had to jet to see #TeamTomFam BUT got 3 sets of doubles on the rings. Day. Made.
Done at 20 min mark. Mod mu with purple band, 125#backsquat.
Drove to Madison and ate at State Street Brats. Explored the city and visited the capital building. Completed this WOD on 8/6/18.
5 rds/no BJs 24:00ish (175 BS)
13:30, 85#, Muprog, 5 bj's, rest step ups