Sunday Jul 29 2018

Well great news I'm back from my little yearly 2-3 week Army adventure. It's officially a training exercise to prepare us to play a role in any active Infantry need if called upon by good old uncle Sam but as old as I'm getting it's definitely an adventure. An adventure to see what really doesn't kill you (you want to die here and there though) and how it makes you stronger. Adapting bodies and minds to go from civilian to full charge Army Infantry for 12 days straight in the field. Like I said, an adventure. I left my phone in the barracks while in the field so I've had lots of time to ponder about the gym and my word do I have some Ideas, Justin is going to love them! 
I'm glad to be home and have never been more excited with the Games starting Wednesday down in Madison. Tom Fameree will be our official representative on the Games floor and our newest addition Kelly Bruehl will be competing with her team from Back Country CrossFit. We will be doing former Games Workouts until Wednesday and then doing the 2018 Games workouts through Sunday. Scaling options will be many but no matter how Rx'd or Scaled your workout is the one thing that will remain the same for all is the intensity of good old competition! Fun! Anyhoo, I've missed all your faces and cannot wait to get back to making you and this gym a better.
Happy Sunday!
Italian Army C.le Magg. Sc. Roberto Marchini, 28, of Viterbo, Italy, died during a reconnaissance mission in Afghanistan's Bakwa district on July 12, 2011. Marchini served in the 8th Airborne Combat Engineer Regiment, Folgore Brigade. 
While on base, Marchini used whatever he could find to do CrossFit, often incorporating farmers carries, sandbag runs and tire flips in his workouts. His favorite exercises were double-unders, push-ups and power cleans. 

As many rounds as possible in 25 minutes
150 double-unders
50 push-ups
15 power cleans
Men: 185 lb.
Women: 125 lb.
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Jennifer McFall356d

Those 3 weeks were a blast

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At home. Did 300 singles (my jump rope is an asshole) 85# PC Man that was.. fun? 🤮
2 + 90 DU’s (65#)
Did Helen at home (fire away Grant). 26.5# kb.
3 + 105 DU
Subbed HSPU
3 rounds
50 DU+100+SU
E2MOM 8 rounds 3 position snatch (110)