Deuce Deuce

Tuesday Jul 17 2018

Awesome news!!!!!:
A newer member of ours, Kelly Bruehl, who competed at the South Regional on a team with CrossFit Backcountry Black, has received a formal invite to The CrossFit Games due to another team failing their drug test. How amazing that we will be able to cheer on another of our athletes in August!
Looks like she’s just gonna send it too!

This Sunday is the last of Steve K.'s swim instruction and WOD at 1:30pm at Ashwaubenon Aquatic Center. If you haven't made it out to one of his classes, I highly recommend it. Steve is an all star at swimming and instruction, and is working with Tom Fameree for The Games and he can help you a lot as well. 
1.) Deuce Deuce (modified)
For time:
18 Toes to Bar
18 Clean & Jerk 95/65lb
200m Sprint
2.) Split Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 (PR Attempt)
-Start around 70%, add load each round
-Take no more than 2 min between sets
*3.) 30-20-10
Sumo Deadlift High Pull 135/95lb
Close Grip Bench Press 115/85lb
*4.) 3 Deadlift every 3 minutes for 5 rounds @ approx. 80%
*5.) Tabata Burpee Muscle Up
20 seconds work 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds
*6) 3 rounds
15 Reverse Hyper
15 Weighted Good Mornings 95/65lb
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Amanda Zeamer365d

Congrats Kelly!!!

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Betsy Soletski365d

So awesome!!!!


Tina Schmidt365d

That’s awesome!

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Congrats Kelly!!


Ashley Peterson364d

That’s so exciting!!


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2:56 ^150 SJ
DL @190
Rx weight. Hanging knees done at work and bar is shit. Jerk up to 100 didn’t want to bail at work. DL done at 165#, burpee tabata done
2:21 ^195# SJ no PR
DL@230. Backsquats, hspu and dips
Due to knee on the road to recovery!
3:39 power clean
Justin didn’t text back soon enough ... I’m sure grant would be disappointed that I had to ask if they were squat or power 🤭
1:53 modified with hang power
305# SJ
2:51 (whoops, not 2:31😬 )
SJ ^ 245# (30# pr)
65# C&J. Worked up to 155# SJ and backed off (shoulder). Then Mobility sesh extraordinaire.
3:09 sub kbs for t2b
^155# SJ... have a ways to go to get back to PRing 😒
2:45 rough 245 not Pr DL 325 5x3
3DL Every 3min for 5rds-355# Tabata burpee muscle ups-2 30-20-10 SDHP Bench press close grip-115#
195 SJ- first time
3:00 235# SJ (15#pr)
Ec 5 with Brett
3:48 (knees to elbow)
160# SJ
3:48 (9 TTB/ 9 TT parallel) rx weight
145# SJ. 30# PR! Been a while since i tested it obviously
195# C&J. missed at 205#. boo / Worked a lighter rep scheme of #3.
3:46 many T2B short,row 250m
260 # SJ PR
290 Jerk 5lb PR! Ready to lift heavy this weekend at Badger State Games!
3:05 w mods
👶🏼 mods: 55#, k290 // 3 sj E2M for 7 rds @ 85#
Painful to walk yesterday, more painful to walk today 🤨 Done the next day: 2:58
2:45, up to 167# SJ
Dips EMOM, DL 215#, Strict Press 90#, backsquat 200#, sumo DL highpull/benchpress, anddddd 105 burpees (7:43) for T🤪!
175# Jerk... kept it light ;) - didn't want to make Nate feel bad if I rolled by him. (reality - jerk needs tons of work). Sled pushes w/ Erin and Jamie. Ring MU attempts - have the ring flu today apparently. GRRRRRRRRR
275# Split jerk (PR)
Sj 235# 5# PR
Jerk 295# /missed 300#
Jerk ^185
2:50, 195# SJ (no PR)
2 mile ruck (shuffle) 22:45 beforehand. 265# deads. 30-20-10 SDLHP/BP. 12 min AMRAP: 6 DB FR Lunges, 9 DB squat snatch (50#) 5 + 4 snatch
3:55 55# 100# SJ
**PClns at #55 (Squats were just not there today) and I ran!! Not a jog, not an all out but not too bad! DL v.Jk: #235(#65 off), BFR bike +
2:47 skipped SJ after 95 hurt
Not injured, but lats on 🔥 after day 3. Time to nope out from some heavy things for a bit. Turned focus to EC: EC4 @275 then PR attempt failed at 330. Hit 320 tho. 5 rnds 3BS E2M @185. 2 rnds 30ghd 1:30 sec plank
190# split jerk (5# PR)
18 cal AAB for sprint; 255# SJ (10# PR)
Finished 5:??, clean 55#, toes 2 rig
SJ 15 - 40#