Meet Downtown at Main St. Bridge at 10:45am!

Saturday Jul 14 2018

Saturday the gym is closed to CrossFit classes, and we encourage our members to join us for a super fun workout on the bridge for Aurora BayCare Open Streets. CFGB has a great opportunity to have a 45 minute workout on top of the Main St. bridge in Green Bay! We will have a booth set up from 9am-1pm, and the workout on the bridge starts at 10:45am! Bring your family and friends. 
On Sunday we have two events! In the morning, we will be having our Just Send It co-ed team competition to support Tom Fameree for making it to The CrossFit Games.
At 1:30pm on Sunday, Steve K. will be instructing his second of three rounds of swim WOD instruction at the Ashwaubenon Aquatic Center. These sessions are designed to give athletes more confidence in the water and get a great workout too, while being instructed by someone very experienced in the water.
25 Minute Partner Bridge Workout:
Partner A runs 100m down the bridge and back
Partner B does as many reps as possible before the partner gets back, consisting of:
-Jump Squats
-Hurdle Jumps
-Kettlebell Swings
-Dumbbell Presses
-Slam Balls

When Athlete A returns, they switch spots. When each athlete completes a round of the same movement, they move onto the next.
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Partner Bridge Workout with Laura!