California Club

Wednesday Jul 11 2018

Saturday, the gym is closed to CrossFit classes, and we encourage our members to join us for a super fun workout on the bridge for Aurora BayCare Open Streets. CFGB has a great opportunity to have a 45 minute workout on top of the Main St. bridge in Green Bay! We will have a booth set up from 9am-1pm, and the workout on the bridge starts at 10:45am! Bring your family and friends. 
On Sunday we have two events! In the morning, we will be having our Just Send It co-ed team competition to support Tom Fameree for making it to The CrossFit Games. Registration for this will close on Thursday night. Athletes can expect a detailed email on Friday. 
At 1:30pm on Sunday, Steve K. will be instructing his second of three rounds of swim WOD instruction at the Ashwaubenon Aquatic Center. These sessions are designed to give athletes more confidence in the water and get a great workout too, while being instructed by someone very experienced in the water.
1.) California Club (modified)
For time:
 8 Deadlift 335/205lb
 40 GHD Sit-ups
 80 Double Unders
 4 Rope Climbs
 80 Wallballs 20/14lb
 4 Rope Climb
 80 Double Unders
 40 GHD Sit-ups
 8 Deadlift 335/205lb
2.) Snatch Balance 1-1-1-1-1-1-1
*3.) Every 90 seconds for 15 rounds 1 Clean Pull to High Hang with a 3 second pause back to floor 1 Clean & Jerk
*4.) 30-20-10 
Toes to Bar
*5.) 3 rounds
15 Reverse Hyper
1 min Couch Stretch (per side)

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I need to learn how to do rope descents with shorts on...🤔. It took me longer to get down than up.
Wanted to hit the fuck it button during wall balls 😩
19:50 lol comment a ☠️ If you died on the second GHDS
C&j ^165
27.25 @275# Situps 46 Du/25 DU in 2 Min 16# WB
20# WB AbMat SUs for GHDs
T told me I looked like I was gonna pass out. So that’s always good.
Lungs weren’t recovered enough for wall ballz & I ☠️ right there
My mom always said if you don’t have anything good to say don’t say anything.
18:20 rx
150# snatch balance PR; 30-20-10 burpees & t2b (6:18)
17:55 with some mods
2 rope pulls for each rope climb, 165# DL, KBS for GHD
19:11 capped on DU 315 DL
14:15RX except substitute Wallballs w/PP@75#
Every 90s for 15rds- clean pull to high hang-3sec pause/Clean&jerk
21:57; rx DL & WB
Modifications: DU attempts, 20 GHD/20 floor
175# DL (unbroken), ghd to //, rope climb (first one rx - rest were legless pull practice - wore shorts and didn’t want to shred inner thighs)
28 GHD su's at cap
315# DL
23:17 @ 315#
Sarah - 23:55 @ 115#and 10# Wall ball
☠️☠️ Capped at 25, but got 20 GHDs done on the way down
16:54 @ 275. single unders and ropw pulls
21:53 RX except 20ghds/20ab mat
15:45 did 10bmu in place of dubs and 8 ring mu in place of wallballd
200 dub/1500 row/100 20# wb/35 cal bike/25 105# pow sn 26:00 30-20-10 burpees t2b 7:45 10 min hsw variations
21:18 w mods
DL 105#, knee raises, rope pulls, du (2 min time cap)
2/8 DLs at cap 185#
Did 205# for first 3 reps, but it didn’t feel good. Rx otherwise.
18:43 rx ☠️
11:06 burpees/T2B; snatch balance ^125#
"It was horrible, but it was good" -Terri Hoffort
22:04 20# wall ball sit-ups RX the rest!
I died alittle today!
24:58 175#dl, 12#wb. 65# snatch balance.
UB DLs for both sets / UB GHD sit-ups for both sets / UB DUs first set. Tripped 2 times on second set / Fast cycling on rope climbs / 4x20 WBs / Snatch Balance: 135, 165, 185, 205, 215, 227# PR! / EMOM10: 1 legless rope climb on the short rope / Sandbag over shoulder and sandbag carry from Monday complete: just under 3 rounds @ the 10 minute mark / 50 C2B pull-ups in 2:25 - 5x10 :)
23:43 RX w/a potty break :)
21:04 - RX except rope climbs to the tape
19:57, 16# wb
At least my shins made it through dubs 😁 Snatch bal ✅ snatches from Monday at 120#. E2MOM for 10 min 10 T2B/5 strict T2B. 100 dubs, 1500m row, 100 WB (20#), 35 cal assault, 15 PS 105# (time?? 🐌)
25:38 125# dl. Half ghd, half sit-ups ,
20:34** (WOOF ☠️)
** DL: #205/SU×160/4 RC +12 R-pulls/#8 WB (shldr); MOBility!!!!!
15:20 rx
SB up to 135#
19:56 @ 275#