Beer Mile

Wednesday Jul 4 2018

The 4th of July Bi-Annual Beer Mile is upon us. Today at 12pm at 1906 Rainbow Ave in West DePere we will run the mile and then afterwards we will celebrate our country's independence poolside.  We will be providing Budweiser Beer and Flavored Mineral Water for the run and then Brats and Burgers for the pool party. If you plan on attending the pool party we would appreciate if you brought a dish to pass. If you are planning on some other beer for the mile that will be on you. Come on out and spend the day with some of the best people I know!
Happy 4th of July!

**Gym is Closed**
The Beer Mile
4 rounds
1 Budweiser Beer
400m Run
note: we will be having a second running of the mile at 3pm for any late comers
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Bruce Hoffort410d

You really ought to consider going full metric system on this one. 4 x 250m for 1km. It’s more Canada friendly 🇨🇦

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12:07 8oz cans
9:01 and a whole lotta fun
Runway 5K on Hawaii Military Base
26:20, really awesome event! Happy 4th everyone, be safe doing the beer mile!!
Almost a 5min PR
5x5 HBBS with pause in the bottom position @ 260# / Giraffe from yesterday complete in 8:53 / EMOM10: 7 T2B wearing a 5# ankle weight on each leg. Time for the Soletski Pool Party!
The Seven** 36:20
@CFDL **FS @#55/DL@#125/KBS@#53& Russian/HSPU-box.
11:28, rowing, 8oz beers