Granite Games 2018 Qualifier Workout 5

Saturday Jun 30 2018

Please join us this morning for our weekly Free Community Workout. Open to all and all are encouraged to come and enjoy this wonderful heatwave we are currently experiencing! 
I want to congratulate Jess Schmidt as she got married today to her love of her life Cory. We wish you the best Jess and if you put just half of the effort you put in to your fitness in to your marriage you two will have one of the strongest marriages ever! Congrats!
Happy Saturday!
1.) Granite Games 2018 Qualifier Workout 5
2 Rounds:
6 Ring Muscle Ups
12 Deadlifts (225lb/155lb)
18 Box Jump Overs (24”/20″)
2 Rounds:
4 Ring Muscle Ups
8 Deadlifts (315lb/205lb)
12 Box Jump Overs (24”/20″)
2 Rounds:
2 Ring Muscle Ups
4 Deadlifts (365lb/235lb)
8 Box Jump Overs (24”/20″)
*2.) 3 rounds
100m Kettlebell Overhead Carry 1.5/1 pood
20 Ring Dips
*3.) 21-15-9
Assault Bike
GHD Sit-ups

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Ashley Peterson267d

Yay! Congrats Jess!

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Kelsey Waack267d

Congratulations Jess!!

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💕 Congratulations Jess!!!💕🥂


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Congrats Jess!!!!

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10:01 subbed hips to rings
Free Wod/mile run
4 mi run. 🌞 so warm!
Intermediate 11:01, 3) 7:20
14:58 115#/155#/185#
Aloha Kihei Crossfit
Kelly (5 rnds of 400 m run, 30 box jump, 30 wallballs) into Atlantic (500 m row, 12 box jump overs 24”, 24 wallballs 20#) the. 27-21-15-9 DB bench press and GHD. So much fun this morning. They were awesome, and had cool shirts 👍😄
16:38. 95/135/145# DL, MU progressions
free WOD
2.5hr of rafting
15:55 Intermediate
Working through a shoulder issue. Couldn't do 1 MU.
2/2 muscle up last round
17 muscle ups.
And that’s 17 more than I could do 3 days ago. 🙌🏻
Slept in! ROMWOD in the evening.
21 mile bike: 1:20:??
Hills in Hortonville. Avg: 16.5 mph.
16:44 women’s Rx + 24’ box