Granite Games 2018 Qualifier Workout 6

Friday Jun 29 2018

Great week of competitive exercise everyone! It was a tough week and for all that showed up consistently well done and for those of you that did not a brand new week begins Monday! The gym will be closed July 4th but don't you fret there will be a workout at the Soletski Residence, the Beer Mile. High noon will be the running of the mile and then everyone is welcome to stick around and enjoy the afternoon in the pool. There are non alcoholic options for the Beer Mile so everyone can participate. It will be a great day and we hope to see you all there!
Happy birthday Brad Boockmeier!
Have a great Friday!
1.) Granite Games 2018 Qualifier Workout 6
150 Double Unders
75 ft. Front Rack Dumbbell Walking Lunge (50lb/35lb)
50 Dumbbell Thrusters (50lb/35lb)
75 ft. Front Rack Dumbbell Walking Lunge (50lb/35lb)
150 Double Unders
Men use 50-lb. dumbbell
Women use 35-lb. dumbbell
2.) 3 Split Jerk @ approx 80% every 3 minutes for 4 rounds 
*3.) 21-15-9
Sumo Deadlift High-pull 115/85lb
Bench Press 135/95lb
*4.) Every 2 minutes for 4 rounds complete
5 Deadlift @ approx 70%
10 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
*5.) 4 rounds
15 Reverse Hyper
10 Barbell Good Mornings 95/65lb

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Hay camp CrossFit
DT-done at 85# 9:06
Rough day at RX
16:18 rx
120# split jerk; extra credit #4
105# SJ
15:02 w/55# DB; 155SJ
1)4rds 5DL @275# 10C2B 2)21-15-9 SDHP 115# Bench Press 135
CFGB fam, I may never leave Maui.
Third day dropping in and Makena Crossfit. Couple workouts with their group and some other fun fitnesssing. Obstacle course and more workouts tomorrow 🌺🌴☀️❤️ Miss you guys!!
Split jerk 2 rds at 135# 2 rds at 155#
15#DB, 25 16” step up instead of lunge. Should have done 20# (thought it was an amrap - was pacing and saving myself). 85# split jerk
SJ @ 155# EC of SDLHP and Bench Press
14:48 20lb db ( sore shoulder still) 300 single unders
105lb split jerk
350 reps Rx at the cap
Miss you guys!
12 something for handiwod
185# first round jerks, 175 the rest (I counted my weights wrong hence taking weight off)
17:07 ... it was hot.
300 su, 15# dB // SP 55#
Did not split jerk, or do anything after that workout. Long day 🤯
12:30 RX
SP 115# (not 80%), sumo deds/bench press, DL 195#/c2b
13:03 RX
Thrusters were... 😷🤢. Rev hyper/Good mornings. Split jerk - 125#
13:17 RX
16:50 25# db, 100#split jerk.
Thrusters: 13,13,12,6,6 / UB lunges / Spit jerk triples @ 225#
19:30 Front Rack Lunges with 50lb and Thruster with 35. 150 Split Jerks.
15:45ish. brain was melting
100# sj
**SO many issues Some DUs to start -> finish w/ 300 (SU); #20 WL, then 50 KBS (#35) & no wgt on rest of WL & 300 cautious SU, 'cuz stupid knee 🙄 I moved! 3 DHPU v Jerks Intense am 🔥 Yoga!
13:10 @ 35#
Rest day, but I couldn’t stay away. Moving slow from needling to the hip.
45#; 185-205# SJ
14:51, 3:00 min bike instead of DU, mix of 10,8,5# DB