Granite Games 2018 Qualifier Workout 3

Friday Jun 22 2018

Final Granite Games Qualifier for week 2 is upon us today. It should be fun and for those of you that have just recently perfected your Bar Muscle Ups this is your day to shine. To all of you that are oh so close remember that once those Chest to Bars are done you need to stop bending your arms pulling your chest up but on the Bar Muscle Ups push that bar away from you bringing your hips to the bar before your transition. 
Have a great Friday!
1.) Granite Games 2018 Qualifier Workout 3
3 Rounds for time
12 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
12 Alt. Dumbbell Snatches (50lb/35lb)
Tie Break Time Recorded, Immediately followed by…
3 Rounds for time
12 Bar Muscle Ups
12 Alt. Dumbbell Snatches (50lb/35lb)
Men use 50-lb. dumbbell
Women use 35-lb. dumbbell
2.) EMOM for 15 minutes
1 Snatch + 1 Overhead Squat @ approx 75%
*3.) In 3 person Teams
33 reps of: 
1 Sitting Sled Pull (Use rig and 2x4 for your footing) 200/100lb
1 Standing Sled Pull 200/100lb 
Sprint 100m Door to Door
note: Teammates transition after working teammate comes through the door. Set 2x4 against rig, then set cone by sled with rope fully extended. Pull towards the rig in a sitting position with butt firmly planted to the floor. When the sled reaches your feet stand up, turn the sled around and pull back to cone. The pull back to the cone is not a drag it is feet planted on the floor and pulling from a standing position. 
*4.) 10 minute EMOM
Odd: 7/5 cal Assault Bike
7 Strict Toes to Bar
Even: 7/5 cal Assault Bike
7 Toes to Bar

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I’m not really sure...I think 9/12 dbs in the 6th round. 4:30tie breaker
95 snatches. 5cal/5t2b ec pp from yesterday 110
2 rounds of chest to bar rx
Snatch at 65#
75 reps, 9:39 tiebreak
Grip issues got in my head
2:50, 7:28
105# snatch, assault bike/T2B, 10 sled pushes
99 Reps C2B w/ GreenBand #35 BMU from Box
95#X2 Power Snatch EMOM
30# DB, pullups, melon-height BMU. 115# snatch
8:32/ (2:22 tie break); 155#
4) 10min amrap 7cal assault bike 7 strict T2B 7 cal assault bike 7 T2B
Hope one of you fools wants to take this one on tomorrow morning :) :) :)
11:08 RX
Snatch EMOM @ 130# Deadlift & Burpee EMOM, 10 Mom Amrap T2B & assault bike ( just noticed now it was an EMOM and not an Amrap 🤷🏻‍♂️ Also no rips on the hands!
120 reps/3:34 tie break
95# snatch
1 low BMU (on the last round) 25# DB
70#snatch + OHS
1st half in 6 min RX, 2nd half 2 rounds box BMU
85lb snatch, OHS
Done ✅ (w mods)
Sub snatch/ohs for Clean w front squat @ 75#
112 reps, 4:55 tiebreak rx (4/12 db snatches in 5th round)
105# snatch. Time for vacation 😎
Lots of BMU attempts 🙃
Snatches 105#, EC t2b and ass bike, GHDS/planks, Monday’s hang PC 135#, running/BS ladder up to 225, failed 240#
121 reps* / 5:02 tie break
25# DB / Box BMU + 65# Snatch. Working back into shoulder movements!
3:55 + ONE BAR MUSCLE UP (first one ever)
May have attempted to tackle Justin after. Snatch 115#, Bike TTB EMOM (strict were attempts and not always 7). Mob.
12/12 bmu’s (sore elbow) 4:25 c2b/dB snatch
Snatch/OHS ^ 165#
7 of 12 mu, not able to hit chest to bar each round but attempted, about 19 of 36, low bar mu. 65# snatch.
8/12 bar MUs in the last round
165# snatch overhead squat / Time for vacation in Door County!
50 lb dumbbell. Melon height bar muscle up. 60 reps.115 snatches
115 snatches. Sled pull/sprint 11 rounds solo. Ass/T2B emom donezo. 3 rounds: 25 GHD, 1:30 plank, 30 hollows, 20m HSW
TC'd w/ final 3/12 C2B**/5:25 TB
**goofed & started w/ KB(v. PU), sub'd SA KBS (#35), PU & C2B. 2 OHS (v. Sn+OHS) EMOM×11 @#55, (hands,back, & shoulder!!) 4×{JR/DU -25 GH-HE/25 HR).Hands =⚕️🤕
3:15, 8/12 BMU on 3rd round
Badly torn hands 😢
12:35 (109 reps) / 4:05 Rx
115# snatches
12:43 (4:35) Rx
135# 15/15