Stand in Line

Friday Jun 8 2018

Come and play with friends today! Reps are broken up so you can all keep moving no matter what your skill level is. Great way to kick off the weekend, grinding through a workout with friends. 
Have a great Friday. 
1.) Stand in Line 😐😐😐
3 person team
Row 1500m (rotate every 250m)
150 Toes to Bar (rotate every 5 reps)
150 Alternating Wallballs 25/16lb (rotate every 5 reps)
10 Tire Flips (2 teammates flip one rests and rotate teammates)  
Row 1500m (rotate every 500m)
note: partners stand in a line behind the person working until their turn
Pick one extra credit if time allows
*2.) 6 Front Squat every 2 minutes for 3 rounds @ approx 75%
*3.)  Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes complete Snatch complex @ approx 70%
1 Snatch Pull to Low Hang (directly below knee)
1 Snatch Extension 
1 Snatch High Pull 
1 Snatch
*4.) 4 Rounds πŸ™‚
10 Kettlebell High Pull 1.5/1 pood
5 Right Arm Kettlebell Push Press 1.5/1 pood
10 Kettlebell High Pull 1.5/1 pood
5 Right Arm Kettlebell Push Press 1.5/1 pood
*5.) 50 Chest to Bar Pull-ups for time
*6.) For 20 minutes accumulate 1 minute of each before moving on to the next position
1 minute Plank
1 minute Side Plank
1 minute Plank
1 minute Side Plank
1 minute Plank
Note: if you drop out of a perfect plank 


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I like dis

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I’m sort of hooked now.

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30min with Emma & Ashley R
Snatch complete @90 50 c2bβœ…
Crushed it with Kate & Lisa
Brian H, Todd R
19:58 w/ Pratik #20 WB
1000/100/100/10/1000 FS @205# Crossover
23:03, 2) 225#, 4) 6:00, and 30 min Assult Bike 175 cal, 2 heavy tire flips
W/Derek & Timm with the two m’s
22:00 w/ Timm & Brett
my arms are becoming legs!! Significant improvement on HS walks today (4 steps), some abs and bench press
14# WB. 25/25 T2B/toes to J cup. With Jamie Z and Sam C.
25:25 w Tom & AJ. Half TTB, half to parallel
EC #2 up to 105#
24:11 w/ Megan & Nate. 25# wallball
Megan is a force of nature. πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
Team easy does it. Me Lisa and Andy.
Fr sq @ 170
50 c2b 3:08 Jury duty 21-15-9/15-9-3 hspu/dl-dhspu/dball over shoulder
23:59 with Pauly and Crystal!
Snatches @ 95#; front squat @ 145#
23:28 Sylvia and Ashley
Farmer carry/sandbag over yoke, dumbbell EC, hour ass bike in the sun😎
3.5 mile run
this one looked pretty fun!
24:11 with the boys! Jimbo & Nate! FUN!
25# WB. tried to beat Mike on the row - twice.... and failed. I’m comimg for you :). 145# FS. Core circuit with Tom. Mobility.
24:11 w/Jimbo and β€œThe BEAST” Megan!
21:45 with ;Barbi and Michelle. 14#wb
23:59 with Laura and Crystal
*3.) complete @ 165# / EMOM20: 1 C&J @ 225# / El Sarape for recovery :)
Cruised thru this w/ Michelle and Jim
18:53 w/ Angie
2 rounds: 50 cal AB and 100ft HS walk
With Lauren and Ashley. 135# FS. 12 min AMRAP: 100m farmer carry (1 pood KBs), 12 alt sandbags over yoke, 100m run. 4 rounds on high pulls/ Push press done.
Otherwise a Rest Day.
22:00 rx love team wods
W/ Derek and Brett. 3 rnds leg raises and bench press. Handstand work. Lots of immaturity and laughs post WOD