Thursday Jun 7 2018

I'm going to be honest with you all the Cross Over Symmetry is one of the best tools of the gym since the Reverse Hyper. You spend 5 minutes before the workout and 5-10 minutes after and your game will go up significantly. Seriously make the time to use it and you will reap the rewards. The same goes for that Reverse Hyper, it works. There has been a handful of people that I see use it daily to every other day and upon speaking with them the results are all the same, a stronger more stable back. This gym is full of tools and equipment (minus 2 large supernovas and one small one for which I'm still patiently waiting for their return) to keep you on the road to a body that is less likely to break down while you are trying to build it up.
Have a healthy Thursday!
1.) Granite โ˜ ๏ธ
Run 400m
Power Snatch 75/55lb
Overhead Squat 75/55lb
Run 400m
2.) 2 Strict Press every 90 seconds for 6 rounds @ approx 85%
*3.) With a partner 
12 Sandbag Over Yoke 150/100lb
15 Tire Flips
12 Sandbag Over Yoke 150/100lb
note: Yoke height to be set at average eye level between partners. Male female pairs alternate sides to facilitate the use of both size sandbags. Use heaviest tire possible.
*4.) 9 minute AMRAP โ˜ ๏ธ
20' Overhead Lunge 75/55lb
5 Bar Facing Burpees
*5.) 3 rounds
5 Five Second Decent Strict Ring Dips
25 Banded Ring Dips, use band that allows for a fast 25 full range of motion ring dips. 
*6.) 12 minute AMRAP
10 Reverse Hyper
10 Weighted Hip Extension
10 Parallel Ring Rows
10 Wall Facing Squats (nose and toes to wall is the goal)
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Rebecca Smith290d

Reverse hyper ๐Ÿ˜. I feel 2in taller when Im done! Love it

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80# SP. 9min amrapโœ…
100 PP, sandbag/tire flip, oh walking lunge/burpee EC
15.15 #65 FS
105 SP# Crossover x2 Sandbags and Tires w/ zack
155# SP
65# SP
SP 95# (65%) post wod shoulder inflammation
#6 #3 1/2
12:24 rx
85# SP
10:04 130SP
Sand bag and tire with Green
10:18. 125# SP.
EC with Tom and Megan.
45# snatches and front squats (wrist). 70# SP
Around 18:00
PS of 55#, OS with PVC on rack, too hard to keep everything straight on the OS without shoulder giving me fits. SP of 95#
115 SP
15min RX. 80lb press, should have gone heavier
12:11. Rx
175# SP
145lb strict presses. Did 4 reps on set 5 and 5 reps on set 6.
St press @100
Dball/tireโœ… 4x3 zots press @ 70#- neg/banded ring dipsโœ… - ss:20-15-10 strict press/ :40-:35-:30 hshold
SP 70#
#80 SP; sandbag/tire flips wow
7:45, SP 95#
Sandbag over yoke (that sucked)/tire flips, #6, mobility, dips, barbell
Power cleans & front squats @ 55# + Shoulder Mobility
10:36 RX
115# SP. EC #3, 5 and 6 with jimbo and Tom. + mob.
EC#3X2 with Grant and than Zack!
SP @ 115
Power snatch: 20-1, 14-1, 9 right into the OHS / All OHS UB / 150# strict press / *3.) with Laura. She used the yoke and I used two boxes & 3 sets of 45# plates. (30"+24"+3"+3"+3" = 63")
10:15 (45# dL and hps)
80# sp
Lunges/burpees 7 + 20โ€™. Sandbag over yoke & tire flips- 10:21 solo โœŒ๐Ÿฝ. Ring dips โœ… 3 rounds: 20 GHDS, 30 hollow rocks, 1:30 plank, 12 reverse hypers. Mobility โœ…
**#55 PCln & #20 DB Sq & 400m SkiErg. (1: 58/1:50), DL v. SP @#205, shoulder therapy & Yoga.
95# strict press
14:17 cleans, 35# FS - this takes longer when your body gets confused and you start doing squat cleans for the majority of it... doh!
Cross over symmetry