CrossFit HQ WOD 171030

Sunday Jun 3 2018

Team WOD this morning at 7am followed by the regular WOD at 8:15am. A fun little complex this morning for you all while it rains outside. Click the link below the workout to watch Noah Ohlsen & Scott Panchik complete the WOD.
Have a great Sunday!

1.) CrossFit HQ WOD 171030
Thruster / push press / push jerk / split jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps
A thruster followed by a push press followed by a push jerk followed by a split jerk without dropping the bar is one rep.
2.) 3 rounds 
10 Bent Over Dumbbell Row
15 Back Extension
10 Reverse Hyper


Brett Kohout294d

Ascending weight every round as shown in the video? Starting at % of 1RM Push Press? What’d ya have in mind?

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Justin Peterson294d

Work up to a heavy unbroken complex. You can likely start around 60% 1RM Thruster/Push Press.

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Team wod with Buntin and Megan.
125 complex
155 complex
DL EC 245#
Complex 115# - 175#
Even more fun than usual this A.M., great crew! We should do more complexes too!
Team wod with Tom Fam and Chad
Fun stuff.
Complex to 185
Barbell.. today was a semi rest day.
Partner murph with Addi RX 45 min
50/50 pull up, push up addi 5 me 20 alternating, squats addi 10, me 30 alternating run each 1/2 at a time
TEAM WOD & 8:15
Erin & Alyssa (thanks for running my 🐒 speed). Complex 95-145#, 7 min AMRAP push up/pull up, & TTB.
5x5 HBBS Pause in the hole for each rep @ 255# every 2:30 / Every 2:30 - 10 alternating front rack lunges @ 185# / Thruster, push press, push jerk, split jerk complex: 135 WU, 155, 165, 175, 185, 195, 205, 215# / EMOM10: 10 UB C2B for 100 total / Rumble Roller mobility on quads and hammies :)
21.5 mph. 3 rounds: 30 UB hollow rocks, 1:30 plank