Optical Illusion

Sunday May 27 2018

Memorial Day schedule will be a rolling schedule from 7am - 12pm. That means that you can start the workout anytime between 7am and 11am. We want to be out of there at noon so please no later than 11am! 
Team Workout 7am this morning.
Have a great Sunday!
1.) 4 Push Press every 90 seconds for 5 rounds @ approx 70% 
2.) Optical Illusion ☠️
10 rounds 
10 Baby Deer Jumps 
10 GHD Sit-ups
10 Box Vaults 24/20” (hands only)
Note: Baby Deer Jumps are otherwise known as Split Jumps with the rear knee kissing the ground each rep. Every jump equals 1 rep.

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Sylvia Christensen683d

Optical Illusion #2 😂

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14:00 subbed burpees, box vaults and lunges
120# PP, back ext/hip ext/GH raises, assault bike work
Team WOD
W The boys! PP 105#, 3 rds Wall balls and dubs.
185# PP
Traveled back to Green Bay
1.5 mi run, 10.5 mi bike, 1.5 mi run
5:39 PR on the first mile. NOT sure where that came from but I guess I finally found my legs 🙃
Yoga & 3.3 mi. walk (~16:30/mi)