Tuesday May 22 2018

Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother. 
Khalil Gibran

1.) Falling
3 Rounds
12 Deadlift 275/185lb
15 Box Jump 24/20”
18 Toes to Bar
Note: If you happen to be a high risk box jumper Box Overs with hands and toes are definitely encouraged. 
*2.) Every 90 seconds for 6 rounds 3 Overhead Squat @ approx 75%
*3.) 5 rounds
15 Dumbbell Power Clean 50/35lb
5 Muscle Up
*4.) 9-7-5 
Deficit Handstand Push-up 3x45/2x45lb
Triple Unders
*5.) Clean Ladder 
7 minutes 
Max Effort-275/185lb
Note: Clean can be power or full
6.)  Suck it up
1 minute Plank
rest 30 seconds
1 minute Plank
rest 20 seconds
1 minute plank
rest 10 seconds 
2 minute plank 
rest 10 seconds
1 minute plank
rest 20 seconds
1 minute plank
rest 30 seconds 
1 minute plank
note: don't give in to your mind telling you to quit, hold your position.

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Suck it up. Clean ladder 1 attempt at 155. Ohs@120
Ohs @145/clean ladder ^185 fail lol whoops/ suck it up/ hspu+triple unders
OHS 125#, clean ladder with 5x175, suck it up, deficit HSPU/DUs
8:59 115# DL
Suck it up
TTB didn’t all hit bar. DL unbroken (10/10 do not recommend)
12:20 165# DL
T2B (floor, shoulder), 185# DL
Sucked it up
6:59 clean ladder, ohs
5) Clean ladder: 275x3 attempt 2) Every 90s for 6 rds 3OH squats @75%
Step ups. Suck it up. Yesterdays PP 95. OHS 95. HS walk wall practice
Suck it up + BB + first 2 struct muscle ups followed by a bacon cheeseburger for time
155# DL, toe to J cup. Suck it up.
First round went well second two not so much. Sucked it up.
10:00 @ 225#
11:48, 145# DL
Suck it upppppp
Did all kinds of gymnasty with Tommy Schmidt.
9:26, 165#, step-ups, toes To Eyes
Suck it Up planks
Randy wod 75 power snatches at 55lb: RX 7:22
Wod #2: every 3 min 1FS with 3sec down and pause in hole x 6 rounds. 85lb, 105lb, 125lb, 145, 165lb, 185lb normal squat with 5lb pr. 2min work, 2 min rest x 4 rounds of 250m row + max cleans at 95lb. RX 25 cleans
9:40 225# DL...T2B did not hit bar
👶🏼 mods: 105#, step ups, knees to parallel // suck it up
10:56 155# DL
Worked on stringing T2B
Suck it up kinda lol, EC clean ladder failed 175, OHS 115#, deficit HSPU/triple under attempts (got 4!)
suck it up buttercup
175# DL/Step Ups/TTB, OHS #105, Clean Ladder with Tom and Syl. +Suck It Up
Suck it up
6:03 with UB deadlifts and 10-8 T2B / 6x3 OHS @ 210# / 3 rounds of max effort sets of wide-grip pull-ups, regular-grip pull-ups, and chin-ups. 7-10 reps each set / Banded ankle distractions.
7:45 #125 DL, toes to j cup
Suck it up
Heavily scaled toes-to-bar
10:38 (155# dL)
Suck it up
Tried to suck it up
120-125# OHS (trying really hard to stay true to percentages 😂). Clean ladder: 3 cleans at 185# my poor sternum. 3 rounds 15 DB PC, 5 MUS. Took a long time
**DL @#155/BJ@10"/T2B✓ Post: Suckitup thru 2'+1'->V-hold. PEC: 4×{12 BB-Bridge@#135/25 #25 AMSU.
10:03 225#
EC 2 & suck it up. A bit of DU work. Went to do some benchpress and see if I can lift my body weight. I can do it as a one rep (175#)
9:07 @ 205#
EC with my peeps Megan , Sylvia and Cat Stevens.
9:36, 85#, step ups, toes2rig