Saturday May 19 2018

Please join us for our weekly free community WOD this morning at 8:15am. No matter if you want to get a workout or you want to get out and socialize with some good people (you still have to do the workout:) this class is for you. Good luck to all the Regional Competitors going at it this weekend. Go to the CrossFit Games Site to watch it all go down!
Have a great Saturday!
1.) CFGB #6
In 9 minutes  
Assault Bike
Snatch 75/55lb
Establish 1RM Snatch
*2.) 4 Strict Press EMOM for 5 minutes @ approx 70%
*3.) 3 minutes to Bench Press 25 reps
note: If you finish over 3 minutes its a giant no rep so choose weight wisely 
*4.) With a partner 20 rounds for time
Alternate after every accumulated 30 seconds
1 Handstand Push-up -> 30 second Handstand Hold
note: Use your line from the open or make one using the standards from the Open.
*5.) 3 rounds
5 Five Second Decent Strict Ring Dips
25 Banded Ring Dips, use band that allows for a fast 25 full range of motion ring dips. 
*6.) 3 x 15 Reverse Hyper
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6:51; 122# snatch pr
Community with family. Some snatching and ec.
Community wod
Cellcom 5k
33:18. First official race; it was fun!
6:38 (learning to breathe would be an asset)
140# Snatch - 15# PR!!!! Rev Hyper. Hip & Ankle Mobility.
9:02 (55# dL+hps)
70# sn
6:15, 130# snatch
Free WOD. Barbell. 17 mile road ride... first time in two years #allsmiles 😁😁
The Regionals 3's: 45:24**
**Subbed 5k on SkiErg & 600 SUs (& 5k first - 3k Row last, #equipshare) 24:22/6:13/14:49