Blood Brothers

Saturday May 12 2018

On behalf of the CrossFit Green Bay community I would like to congratulate Tom Fameree on his qualifying and invite to the 2018 CrossFit Games Masters Division. Next few months are going to hurt a little but it’s going to be all worth it when you finally find yourself on that CrossFit Games Floor with CFGB and Wisconsin cheering you on! Bring on them games. 
Please join us this morning for our weekly Community Workout at 8:15am. Come workout with us and see where CrossFit Games athletes are made!
Hello Saturday
1.) 5 Back Squat @ approx 70% every 2 minutes for 4 rounds 
2.) Blood Brothers
3 Rounds 
100 cal Assault Bike, alternating every 10 cal 
400m Partner Rope Run
*3.) 20 minute AMRAP 1 Clean & Jerk @ approx 70%
*4.) Row for 20 minutes
Note: record total meters and average pace 
*5.) 3 Rounds 
15 Chest to Ring Pull-ups
15 Box Overs 30/24”
*6.) 3 rounds
25 Hallow Rock
1:30 minute Plank Hold
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Thanks Grant and thanks CFGB family for all your support. The outpouring of well wishes the past 24 hours has been humbling and overwhelming!! Love ❤️ you all!!

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20:57 with Jess S
155 BS. Free wod
21:?? With Carly
Free Wod
I don’t remember. But I died a little with Shannon V.
BS @ 125#
20:40 w/ Lauren
BS 145#
Sad to miss this one!!!
Fun day with the girls and Chad. 5K. JDRF. And swimming. ❤️
21:45 w/ DP; 195#BS
Free WOD and EC
Community wod
115# BS
19:49 with my sweet Hubby 💞 (7 Cals for me, 10 for him)
155# back squat
20:40 with Bryn!
BS 175#, barbell
Free WOD with the Foley’s
BS @ 245 w Chris & Macco
19:49 with my sweet Wifey
4x5 HBBS @ 275# - Tweaked my neck unracking the barbell for my first working set :( 10 sets of ten meter sled pushes with 3 plates / 5x10 ring push-ups with my feet on a 20" box.