Friday May 11 2018

The weekend is upon us again and what are we going to do with it? Well first off it's Mother's Day on Sunday and I know a lot of Moms' that deserve a day full of love and possibly some non paleo treats. So if you haven't started planning something for your Mom, here's your reminder to do so. It's the second weekend in May and that yard isn't getting any prettier with the remnants of winter scattered about. Take down any remaining Christmas lights, pick up that garbage and maybe get those dog spots in the grass scraped and reseeded. What else, cleaning the garage is a good project. It's the first thing we come home to, the last part of the house to say goodbye when you leave so a nice clean garage is always a good way to start your day and a peaceful way to end it. There's a few ideas for you and if you need me this weekend I'll be doing exactly that as those are numbers 1, 2, & 3 on my to do list.
Yo Friday!
1.) CFGB #4
14 minute AMRAP
150 Double Unders
50 Hang Power Clean 115/85lb
50 Push Press 115/85lb
30 Muscle Ups
*2.) for time:
3 rounds
10 Single Arm Squat Jerk 70/55lb (5L/5R)
50' Handstand Walk
*3.) Snatch 3-3-3-2-2-1
note: Reset every rep starting @ approx 60% adding load each rep. Work up to a session 1RM.
*4.) 3 minute AMRAP
Bar Muscle Ups
*5.)  for time:
With a partner complete 50 - 20m Sled Push 2x45/1x45, alternate as you wish
*6.) 3 rounds
15 Reverse Hyper, heavy
30 Wall Squats
note: Toes, Knees and Nose to the wall is the goal.
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Megan Vogel317d

How come you post all the super fun workouts when I’m not in town.... ;) Happy Mother’s Day to all the CFGB Moms!

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Grant Soletski317d

It helps me beat you in workouts this way.

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Megan Vogel317d

Ill take that as an official poke if the bear. So next week we are coordinating our workout schedules and going head to head. Bring. It. On.

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Megan Vogel317d

*of the bear*

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Bruce Hoffort316d


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Snatch ^115
50 PP @ 95#
95 du @ 3 min cap, extra credit: 100 GHD/150 squat
3 MU (no dip out, sigh)
Snatch ^ 155
9 MU progressions
Finished 50 PP@95# 12:53, then I pretended to work on my ring MU progressions.
25 Push press @ 95#
DU struggles, got to commit.
1 + 124 DU
Some back squats (125), and step ups. No DUs yet!!!
Little over 4 min of MU fails
Happy to be back!
10 mup (5 with band)
EC: 2 & 3
RX wt, 3min DU, mu low ring. Completed 15/30 mu
I did extra credit #2 and my testicles didn’t explode! 👍🏼
3 muscle ups rx 😵
Snatch ^115#; 10 bmu in 3 min
Snatch EC up to 125#, DB squat jerks and HS walks
OFF day 🙄
Dislike these days.
5 attempts @ mu's
65#, 3 mod mu.
25 / 30 MUs before my wrist tore and I needed to stop. Next time I need to tape my wrists!
Finished my final push press @ 7:45 / MUs in sets of three / Snatch: 95, 115, 135, 155, 165, 175, 185, 190, 195, failed 200#
Ring MU 0/4
10 banded mu’s (85#, 30 cal row)
95# HC/PP
3/30 MU progressions 75# for PP/PC
13 muprogressions- 45#plate step ups, 55#, DL instead of PP