Monday May 7 2018

Well the weather was warmer at Ft. McCoy this weekend and I didn't almost die from hypothermia I did still leave a piece of my soul in those horrible horrible woods:) Anyways, great weekend on my end and I hope you all had an equally great weekend. I want to congratulate Amanda, Brandi, and Krystal in their Granite Games competition placing I believe 5th. That Granite Games comp is pretty legit and very little time commitment on a random Saturday. If you're interested in hearing about the competition ask one of the girls after of course you tell them well done! 
I'll tell you about the name of the workout in class today and if I don't see you just ask me the next time you do.
Have a great Monday
1.) CFGB # 1
7 minute AMRAP 
6 cal Assault Bike
5 Pull-ups
4 Toes to Bar
3 Chest to Bar Pullups
2 Bar Muscle Ups
1 Muscle Up
2.) Strict Press reps of 5-5-3-3-1-1, every 90 seconds for 6 rounds
note: start between 60-70% 
*3.) 500m Sled Push 3x45/2x45
1000m Partner Sled Push
1500 3 person Sled Push
note: use the door to door in 100m increments 
*4.) for time:
20 - 30 second Partner Handstand Holds
note: Partner makes sure that your heels remain above your line and if you don't have a line or even know what that means ask us and we'll get you one of your own lines drawn on the wall . Each person must accumulate 30 total seconds before switching 
*5.) 10 minute EMOM
odd: 10 Strict Ring Dips
even: 20 Banded Ring Dips
note: The banded Ring Dips should be done within 30-40 seconds
*6.) 3 rounds
15 Reverse Hyper
1 minutes Superman Hold
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Bruce Hoffort650d

Can’t wait! This looks like fun

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Derek Zehms650d

Bar and ring muscle ups! Yesssssss

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I was there. Big fat 0 for rmu today...
^85# sp. I died in the parking lot during the 500m sled push.
Shy of three rounds just needed the rmup
Baby bar muscle ups, ring muscle up progressions, chest to bar where not there today so pull ups, strict press 40-70 no pr
MU work
140# SP, 5# PR
115# SP, 200m sled push
3 rounds no mu or C2B
Not impressed with that workout performance but I did get 90# SP which is a 10# PR 👍
2 with MU mods
185# SP
3 + 1 Cal
Tear early, tear often. My new motto
3 rds + 1 cal
*Bar MU (half bar @ forehead), MU (floor). 155# Strict press.
2 rds + 2 bmu
80# strict press; reverse hyper & superman
3 rds 3 cals 150 sp
6 rounds; 169# SP
Extra credit
Lots of standing around avoiding kicking someone (that would be mean!) Skirg instead of bike. SP - failed 120#. 100 GHD for fun
3 rounds
Baby BMU, rmup. 105# SP
2 + 3 C2B, 75# SP
BMU from baby bar, ring MU from lil rings
2+1 cal, 82# SP
Banded BMU, MUP. (Maybe a strict press PR cannot remember it's been too long)
2 rounds + 4/4 t2b. Box bar mu, low ring mu, band c2b
97 press, 2lb pr
2 rds with mods
195# SP
3 + 1 T2B rx
SP ^85#; 500m sled push with Carly, died
2 slow lovely rounds
Strict press 107, 2# PR, all the extra credit, barbell work and springs
2 rds + 3 C2B
107# SP PR + sit ups & superman EC
2 + 6 Cals **
Bands for BMU - struggle 🚌. 115# SP. EC #4 & #6. PPP BMU training + mobility.
1 rd - stuck at rmu’s in rd 2
^ 185# sp / BS after
5 rounds + 3 cals
Strict press: 5@115, 5@135, 3@145, 1@150, 1@155, failed 160# multiple time / 5x5 HBBS @ 295# belted / Banded hip distraction mobility
2+5 PU RX
SP 3 @ #80
3+3 cal (0/9 mu attempts)
100# so
230 # SP PR
2 + 5 cals, 100# SP
Ring MUS rather sketchy this fine morning. 4 rounds: 250 meter row, 30 DUS, 10 DB thrusters (35#) 13:01 (literally had 20 min. to go to the gym😂)
2R + 2 J-BMU**
**SO many mods!: 5 Cals/3 SO close C2B/2 J-BMU (w/o press up)/low rings MMU (w/o press up). DB BOR @#40/45/50/55/60/65 ( R&L v. SP). Yoga this am.
75 PP. Kept it light but I'm getting there. 3.5 rounds
Wrist is mostly back in action. Scaled MU and BMUs. Did some handstand walks, push ups, and other stuff with the morning crew. Front rack is still a struggle. Parts of EC 3 and4. EC 5 and 6. Bike 12 miles. Disc golf. Gotta make up for my slacking off last week and weekend
3 rds + 3 T2B