Bird Bath

Monday Apr 30 2018

I want to congratulate all the lifters today on the final day of the USAW LWC State Weightlifting Championships! Lois(6 for 6 and Pan Am Masters Qualifier), Lily (6 for 6), Josie, Jared, Vong, Pratik, Tori(1st Overall), Laurie and Meri. Green Bay Barbell won the Women's Team Trophy as well! Overall it was a great weekend and would not have been possible without Mr and Mrs Spry, Sal, Jordan, Don, Noel, Vong, RaLinda, Jamie, Mary, Michelle, Laurie, Angel, Pete, Meri, James, Paul, Betsy, Josie, Lily, Grace, Emily, Gage, Caden, Emma, Zachary, Jared, Tori and Justin. A lot of names and I hope I didn't miss anyone but everyone of you did enough to clearly stick out in my mind so I want to personally thank you all for your commitment to this gym and our family. Charlie once again, you are an amazing man as you pulled off one hell of a weekend, kept that head table moving and kept the audience engaged with some of the best mic work I've heard to date (sorry Sal:)! Congrats all lifters and coaches.
Have a great Monday!
1.) 5 Back Squat EMOM for 5 minutes @ approx 60%
2.) Bird Bath
GHD Sit-ups
*3.) 16 minute AMRAP
with a partner:
100m Sled Pull 4x45lb/3x45lb (door to door)
ME Assault Bike cals
note: 1 pulls sled while other completes cals on assault bike
*4.) 3 rounds 
10 Deadlift 275/195lb
15 Bar Facing Burpees
*5.) 5 rounds 
50' Handstand Walk 
75 Double Unders
*6.) tABata
Flutter Kicks
Hollow Rock
Russian Twist
Parallette L-sit (scale with hanging l-sit/knee raise)
note: 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds each movement. 1 minute rest between each movement 

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Sal Bertuglia708d

You broke my heart Grant. You broke my heart.

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Charlie Spry708d

You dropped your notebook Sal

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Theresa Rosenquist708d

Love the photo. REALLY nuce representing CFGB to ALL!!!

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18:51. 135 bs
Push ups and me will never be friends. 😀
Rx. That took awhile. Bs at 95#....1 mile run, accessory work, mobility
10:46 GHDs to //
185 BS
16:34 BS @ 105#
Push ups from knees and GHD’s to =
25:27 PurpleBand, Situps w/16 Ball
#185 BS
Abmat SitUps w 20# wb, pushups to half depth (shoulder cranky). 255# BS
13 sit-ups with 14# med ball of 30 at time cap of 20 min
115 # BS
9 x 10 | Butterflies are back(ish)!! | BS 185#
Elbow still bad
See you all in a week, barring amputation.
115# BS; extra credit #4 & 5
14:28 RX bs 225
13:13 - first workout I’ve done with the class since surgery πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
Subbed ring row for pull ups, GHD to //. BS 105#.
18:07. Push-ups from knees, the rest RX
105# BS
BS @ 175#
I did it. Forgot to look at my time. Slower than Nate and Michelle
Pushups πŸ‘Ž Deadlift/burpee EC with Michelle
125# BS Finished after cap
Rx except purple band for all pullies but 25.
Pushups on knees. Banded PU ab mat sit-ups with ball
700m run warmup. 130lb bs. 17:28, 2 purple band, abd mat su
400m sprint x8. 2:14, 2:15, 2:20, 2:17, 2:16, 2:20, 2:16 2:16
20:15 20# medball abmat situps
205# BS
19:45 w mods
Knee pushups, green band pull ups, abmat sit-ups // 85# bs
125# bs
BS 150#, team EC fun
150# BS + DU/HSW + DL/BFB with nick Brett and bryn!
15:36 parallel ghd’s rd of 30 full for 50/10
BS @ 255#
BS @ 225 ; ec: 1mile run
Bs 110#. 22:08, 50 sec late start. Knee pushups. Happy to be back in my home gym.
Studying for Calculus Exam 4
20:00 cap + a few more to finish RX
BS 125#
15:49, 180# BS
(Bad at math or bad at following directions? πŸ€”πŸ˜¬) E2MOM 3 position snatch, 110#. 3 rounds: 10 DL, 15 BFB, 200 meter run. Handstand walk obstacle course attempts 😜
135# BS
80/90 BK-PU, 20/90 Pullups, the rest = Ring rows, GHSUβœ“. BS: #115 (box), tABataβœ“ Yoga & shoulder therapy.