Army and One

Saturday Apr 28 2018

Community WOD and 9:15am Regular Class is on today as scheduled and then the 10:15am class is cancelled. After the 9:15am class we will be setting up for the USAW LWC State Weightlifting Championship beginning at 1pm. If you are available to help us set up for the meet after class we would appreciate the heck out of it. Sessions will be running at 1pm and 4pm today so please come on out to support Green Bay Barbell weightlifters today and Sunday. 
Sunday Team WOD is on as scheduled at 7am with the regular class at 8:15am cancelled for the continuation of the State Meet beginning at 10am. 
Have a great Saturday everyone and kick some butt this weekend Green Bay Barbell!
Army and One
3 Person Teams
50 Team Tire Flips
Every 5 Tire Flips each member sprints 100m then completes 10 Power Snatch 75/55lb individually before the next Teammate can begin run. 

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Angel Anderson271d

Aw man, that sounds fun! I don't think coach Charles would approve of me doing that before the meet though ;)

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WOD w/the Johnson’s & Steve
Lots of fun
4 rds of tire flips and running with Carley
Getting back into running🤞
Super fun morning
Community with my Mom (even snuck in a few 400s - thanks Karl and Justin for keeping me in line), 9:15 with Chad and Ky. :)
Com WOD with Tom and Steve; 9:15 with Jimbo and Karl
Fun and dirty morning. Good luck Lifters!!!
Community wod with Ashley 👯‍♀️
Free WOD
Ted & Sundeed
5x5 HBBS @ 290# / Jenny from 4/26/18: 5 rounds + all of the squats / Broke in the new Rogue sled with 400 meters of 3 plate sled pushes.
Lumberjack 20/40 w/ Partner
25:18** (SO much better w/ partner!). Scl'd w/ 0.8 km Ass.Bike v. 400m runs/#50 SB Sq v. OHS/#20 DB Sq/#125 DL/20" B-SU. CFDL 1st Anniv.
Rollerblade 6 miles
Watch the meet. Good times