Friday Apr 27 2018

Tom has qualified for the 2018 CrossFit Games Masters Division 55-59 and pending the video submission he will begin his journey to the games. When Tom first came to CrossFit Green Bay I told him from day one if you want to compete you have that potential. I have a tendency to notify most members of CFGB that I have that belief in them because I honestly believe if you truly want to compete in the CrossFit Games the only thing that stands between you and that dream is your commitment to becoming good at everything. Tom definitely took those words to heart but he wasn't convinced early on until last year when he had a taste of a pretty decent finish in the open and the qualifier for the 2017 CrossFit Games Season. We talked after the season was over and with one major adjustment to his lifestyle he decided to make his run. Tom loves his IPA's but the drive to be the best was clearly in his heart, Tom decided to put those tasty beers aside and committ himself to a healthier lifestyle allowing him to shed some weighty fat and clearing the fog that comes along with alcohol. This gave him an upper edge in his training. Next, Tom knew his back was a weak spot and without a strong core his back would not allow him to compete at the highest level that he could.  So as he did with those IPA's, he put extra effort in to building his core and making the reverse hyper a regular part of his training. I'm very proud of you Tom and the coolest thing about this all is Tom showed no matter what age you are it is never too late to change your ways and habits to compete in the CrossFit Games. Congratulations Tom!
20th place Online Qualifier
Open results: 38th place out of 4321 athletes worldwide 
Top Open Performance: 15th in the world in 18.5

Chuck failed to qualify for the games but to give you an idea of how close he was, on workout 4 which consisted of 9 Handstand Push-ups/6 Bar Facing Burpees/3 Snatch 165lb he finished 121st in the qualifier with 80 total reps. That was 1 rep shy of finishing his 4th round of Handstand Push-ups and then with given time the Burpees and Snatches were a breeze during the workout for him. Had Chuck hit that last Handstand Push-up he possibly could have scored 90 total reps taking him from 121st all the way down to 38th and qualifying 18th for the games. I know this is just wishful thinking, but I must give credit where credit is due as he had a 6th and a 21st place finish on two workouts for the qualifier and I want to let the world know Chuck belongs on that games floor and come 2019 he will be back with a vengeance. Congratulations Chuck on a hard fought 2018 CrossFit Games season.
37th place Online Qualifier
Open results: 50th place out of 42,692 athletes worldwide
Top Open Performance: 17th in the world 18.5

Paula, as you most know is my Stepmother and she has been with CFGB since back in 2010. Paula has been showing up to the gym nearly everyday since she's joined and I've gotten the opportunity to watch her grow as an athlete. Paula has been in my life since I've been a young pup and knowing all she's done for my life throughout those years it is beyond an honor to repay her watching her go from just my Stepmother in to one of my finest Master's Athletes. We still have a ways to go with a few movements, mainly Handstand related movements but she took it upon herself to join Green Bay Barbell to work on her Weightlifitng helping her to Clean 137lb in Open Workout 18.2a. Paula has spent countless hours working upside down and I promise you in the next few years when she finally finds success she will be on the CrossFit Games Masters floor. Thank you Paula for helping me become the man I've become and putting your heart and soul into this little gym. Congratulations on another great Games Season Paula.
122nd place Online Qualifier
Open results: 128th place out of 3,628 athletes worldwide
Top Open Performance: 87th in the world 18.2a

Josie is a part of the Johnson clan including her mom, father and older brother; all long time members of CFGB and Green Bay Barbell. I must admit having their family at CFGB has brought many of my best moments coaching at CFGB and their commitment to being a strong family is beyond inspiring to all that know them. Josie is a freshman at West De Pere High School, a top Tennis Player, 4.0 GPA (I’m pretty sure about this), a great musician, a beyond successful weightlifter with Green Bay Barbell and to top it all of she is pretty decent athlete in CrossFit, truly embracing CFGB's motto of being good at everything. Josie competed in the open this year and with everything else on her plate she successfully qualified for the Online Qualifier in the Teen 14-15 division improving by over 23 spots from the Open. I have had the honor to watch Josie grow from a little girl into a young woman with more drive than I see in most adults. I want to congratulate Josie on a great year and no matter what Josie chooses to do in her life she is going to strive because not only is she personally driven but she has Donn, Michelle, Jared and her little sis Grace behind her encouraging her to be the best young woman she can be. Well done Josie.
163rd place Online Qualifier
Open results: 185th place out of 1,550 athletes worldwide
Top Open Performance: 190th in the world 18.3

Green Bay Barbell will be hosting the LWC State Weightlifting Championships Saturday and Sunday this coming weekend being rescheduled from 2 weekends ago due to the snowstorm. We will be having the free class at 8:15am, regular class at 9:15am Saturday and the Team WOD Sunday morning at 7am. The regular classes including Saturday at 10:15am and Sunday at 8:15am are cancelled. After the Saturday class at 9:15am class we are asking you all for your help in setting up for the meet including setting up the stage, chairs and warm up area if you have the time. We appreciate your help and look forward to knocking this meet out of the park.

CrossFit Kids and Teens will be starting the last 8 week session before the Summer Program on Monday. Classes will remain on Monday's and Wednesday's and all the information is under the Programs Tab under CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Teens links. 

Our Hero week comes to an end today with BREHM.

Well done CFGB and have a great Friday everyone!
U.S. Army Sgt. Dale G. Brehm, 23, of Turlock, California, assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, based in Fort Lewis, Washington, died on March 18, 2006, when he came under small-arms fire from enemy forces during combat operations in Ar Ramadi, Iraq. 

for time:
15-ft. rope climbs, 10 ascents
225-lb. back squats, 20 reps
30 handstand push-ups
Row 40 calories

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Amanda Zeamer272d

Congrats to all!!!!

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Mary Stueber272d

A long post but one heck of a read. Congratulations everyone!


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You all frickin rock my world. Incredible performances by all, be very proud of yourselves!

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What she said ☝🏼

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Definitely what she said!! 20th! 37th! 122nd! 163rd! In the Eff'n World!! & ALL from here in our little CFGB gym. #Chillz!!

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That is incredible and awesome! Congratulations , BRAVO to you all

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So proud to say that I workout with these great athletes at CFGB! Congratulations to all of you. Can’t wait to cheer on Tom in Madison!!

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So proud of all these amazing athletes!!! You should all be so proud of the hard work you put in! You help push CFGB as a whole to strive for greatness with your drive and motivation!!

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30 rope pulls, 115bs (should have gone heavier), hpsu to Mats and plate
155# Push Jerks for HSPUs.
3 climbs to beam 7 to 12'. 185# BS, Reg PU. XOverSym
EC has returned with a vengeance. Might have to sit more than just a couple of plays out this time. πŸ‹πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
12:42 RX
30 spu instead of rc. Deadlift instead of squats.
13:49 125# squats
Should have went heavier on the squats
18:16 RX except hspu with 10lb plate and 2abd mat
Love Hero week β™₯οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
15:46 RX, squats from the floor
Accessory work and some running
23:24? RX
Rope πŸ”₯
Rope pulls scaled to above the orange, all else RX.
Worked until 8:30 p.m. / Completed BREHM on 5/21/18 with a time of 10:25
I showed up. I did some things. I got a rope burn.
16:45 (155#, box hspu)
Active recovery + mobility
30 min row, 25 min assault
HSPU 2 ab mats+ 10# plate, 155# BS, Most rope climbs to 10’- all my weaknesses
165# BS
75 min. Needed a CF rest day. Vaccumed Griffindor nooks & crannies (2 hrs).
16:00 rope pulls, 85#BS, push ups