Thursday Apr 19 2018

Tonight the workouts will be announced for the CrossFit Masters and Teens Online Qualifier. 
We will be programming the workouts they’re required to do throughout the weekend so you can push yourselves and motivate Josie, Tom, Paula and Chuck to crush it too!
1.) 10 minute AMRAP
10 cal Air Assault/Airdyne
10 GHD Sit-ups
10 Tri-pod -> Headstand
2.) Dirt
Row 500m
27 Back Squats 115/85lb
27 Deficit Handstand Push-ups 
27 Front Squats 115/85lb
500m Row
note: men use 45's and women use 25's with the head pad squares
*3.) Axle Clean & Jerk 1-1-1-1-1
note: heavy. 
*4.) 4 rounds
25 Hollow Rocks
25 Wall Facing Squats
note: goal is to have toes touching wall
*5.) 5 rounds
10 Reverse Hyper
10 GH Raise
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Rusk is back!!!
All the EC
400 m walking lunges
14:45 sub push press for HSPU (6 Push press at 85# 21 at 65#)
LITE squats (back sore). 50% HSPU w/ 2 mats, 50% w/ 3 mats
Ran 7 miles accessory lifts
13:00 95# 2 mat HSPU
rx weight, 1abmat strict hspu
16:13 pad + 10# plate HSPU's
3 rds
11:54 @ 75#, HSPU from box
Rest day for moi.
13:17, 115# push Press for HSPU
14:27, RX WT. 15lb plate +abd mat for 15 then 10 with 10&15lb plate + abd mat
EC #4 completed
12:18. 115 and 1 abmat
Axel c&j ^122#
4+7 cals, axel bar up to 122#, bench press up to 105#, some power snatches/planks/rows
Rest Day 😊
13:15 --- 105#
17:40 RX
Had a few I got up but came off the wall. Slow singles and doubles but got em all thanks to T and Justin!
Calculus homework
I do have to admit I counted a few that were no rep hspu but I fought harder for those few than the good ones. 1st time doing them as a deficit. In the past, I couldnt even do 1!!! πŸ€—
Legs feeling rather chickeny today πŸ”
regular HSPU
10:57 65# squats, used box for handstands
Rest Day & Yoga
4 rounds + 13:05
Box jump over instead of HSPU. Learned all about baby hollow rocks. Justin will demonstrate if asked. Related: EC #4
4 rds + 10 GHD (started on GHD)
12:28, 55#, push ups
Thanks for the tip Tom on how to start getting my knees off of my elbows in that tripod!