Bad Driver

Wednesday Apr 11 2018

We have a new gift for the gym coming today and you're all going to love it! Planning on getting those shoulders all nice and healthy so I can finally stop hearing programming "Shoulders Again!?!" 
Have a great Wednesday!
1.) Bad Driver
Power Snatch 75/55lb
Chest to Bar Pull-ups 
Snatch 135/95lb
Bar Muscle Ups
If time allows in class pick one extra credit 
*2.) 3 Power Clean + 1 Jerk @ approx 80% from floor with a 3 second pause @ Low Hang every 4 minutes for 12 minutes
*3.) Every 2 minutes for 6 rounds Strict Press 5-3-3-2-1-1
*4.) Back Squat 5-5-5 @ approx 80%, rest 3 minutes between sets
*5.) 7 minute AMRAP 
10' Handstand Walk
1 Freestanding Handstand Push-up 
10' Handstand Walk
2 Freestanding Handstand Push-up 
10' Handstand Walk
3 Freestanding Handstand Push-up 
Adding one rep each successful round
Note: walk Abmat to Abmat attempting to complete walk and complete fshspu while maintaining Handstand 
*6.) 3 rounds 
50' Double Overhead Kettle Bell Lunge 1/0.5 pood
15 Box Overs 30/24" 
Note: arms to be locked out over head, if unable to accomplish with rx weight scale accordingly

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Laura VanderKelen 345d


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Megan Vogel345d

Barbells all over the place. Be still my heart. πŸ’š

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Betsy Soletski345d

Surely you aren't commenting on my driving...You must be talking about the other drivers on the road while you were posting...right?!?

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Grant Soletski345d

I was talking about that car at Costco as your driving did not cause any negative reviews for once😜

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Megan Vogel344d

What’s the gift? :)

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Grant Soletski344d

CrossOver Symmetry

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20:12 with some nice blisters 😒
Sp^90 bs 175 hs wall and some free standing attempts
Some of the extra credit and three of the workouts for granite games thrown down with Brandi and krystal
Dead lift and bench lifts for 30 minutes then 3 rounds of 400 meter run 27 wallball (6# for me lol) 15 toes to bar in I think 20 minuets
23:17 Bands/Box BU/ #65/85 Power
Pulled a Tina
Called no joy w/5 BMU left after nasty tear. ??? time | sub PC @ 95# for PS & sub clean @ 155# for snatch
18:44. Pull ups, box MU’s
Snatch at 65# and 95#
CrossFit Jenks, OK
30:00 of sets of 50. DL (170#), PU, HRPU, 100 Single unders, Situps, HPC (95#)
19:55 rx
Extra credit #4 & 5
16:42 RX yoga
Not my day, ripped my hand
KBS instead of snatches.
1/7 snatch
135 one time and then 125 for the rest. I feel like I figured out the problem with my snatch....only took 7 years. Zach and I were miserable together, it was so fun.
3/5 snatch
75# and 115# snatch, bmu's off box
Power Snatch 65# Snatch 45#
Still working on mobility issues with Snatch. Did C2B and MU using box and training bar respectively
No rythym on C2B = torn hand πŸ˜’
Finished the 7s
55/65# with bands for C2B and bMU or used the short bar.rough.
25:11? 55# PS and 65# snatch
Band C2B low bar for BMU
23:34 55lb, 85lb. Band c2b, box bar mu
1.5 mile run with kids
23:28 75 and 115 sn. banded BMU
24:50 w/ mods & time to clean up a torn hand
55#/65# - c2b w/ purple band, jumping c2b for bmu
Got a triple on every round of bmu...progress! Power cleans @ 125#, no jerks; KB lunge/box overs 5:00min flat; LOVE THE CROSSOVER SYMMETRY; ghd tabata - 61 GHDs
2/7 banded BMU...some banded kipping C2B
Handstand AMRAP, power clean&jerk 130#, strict press up to 105#, reverse hyper/parallel ring rows/GHDs/weighted planks/banded twists
RX on everything except 85# Snatch
finished at 26:01 , 75# power snatch/snatch , did all C2B and MUs though!
3 sec before cap * mods
Snatch RX, C2B and MU with green band, EC w/ Tom --> SP 105-1215#, BS 185-195# 5 x 3, + little mobility at end
185# PC+j up 2 170# sp
Broke snatches into 2 sets, broke C2B into 3 sets, singles for 135# snatch, triples and doubles for bar MUs / Yesterday's "Wide Eyed" complete in 3:41 (UB DUs) / 5 minute rest / 5x3 front squat @ 255# / *6.) complete in 5:34 / *4.) from yesterday complete: EMOM10 - legless rope climb on odd minutes, 2 rope climbs on even minutes / Used the Crossover Symmetry for the first time!
23:20 (45#,55#, box bar mus)
I did die indeed . 3 rounds: 30 DB sit-ups, 30 HR, 60 sec plank, 10 strict T2B. Re-did the assault bike 20:30 from Monday... 217.7 cal 92.7 cals better. I guess it makes a difference when you try 😏
#45/65 all PSn, red band asst'd C2B, kids J-BMU (no press out!), -> 5Γ—5 BS: 95/195/115/120/125 -> 5Γ—5 DL: 115/125/145/165/185.M|WOD shldr therapy too.
A hodgepodge of stuff on my day off work
DL instead of snatches 95/155, ring rows instead of C2B, strict pullups instead of MU. EC #4, DL 245 instead of C&J, tripod headstands, lots of pushups, mobility leg stuff, box overs, GHDs
🀨 Stopped at 14 min before my last 5 bar muscle ups due to torn hand
16:22, cleans @ 35 & 55#, push ups & ring rows
1/7 snatch
75/115. 135 for two then 115