Friday Apr 6 2018

So the winter drags on with the latest snow storm and cold weather, boooooo. So that's the bad news (for most of us excluding our snowmobiling coach for whom I won't name for her safety) but the good news is the sun is feeling warmer and is sticking around a little later each day. As soon as all that ice is cleared up I promise to get us back outside to start flipping some tires, pushing some sleds and running so perk up people summer is coming!
Have a warm Friday!
1.) Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes 3 Power Clean + 1 Jerk @ approx 75%
2.) Grapevine
3 rounds
25 Toes to Bar
50' Handstand Walk
note: hsw must be done in 10' increments unbroken
*3.) 5-4-3-2-1
Bench Press 225/155lb
Deficit Handstand Push-up 3x45/2x45
note: the bench press should be heavy but do able in the sets unbroken, scale accordingly
*4.) Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes 3 Overhead Squat @ approx 75%
*5.) 3 rounds
6 Deadlift 355/255lb
30 cal Assault Bike
*6.) Suck it up
1 minute Plank
rest 30 seconds
1 minute Plank
rest 20 seconds
1 minute plank
rest 10 seconds 
2 minute plank 
rest 10 seconds
1 minute plank
rest 20 seconds
1 minute plank
rest 30 seconds 
1 minute plank
note: don't give in to your mind telling you to quit, hold your position.
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You had me at power

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^^^Suck it up on Rings. #Goals!

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9:38. 115# pc&j
Benching and def hspu done. Ohs 115# fun times with Megan! πŸ’ͺ🏼
Capped at 15 min
155# cleans
13:00 toes to //, box shoulder taps
75# cleans
Ab assault, 100 cal bike. 25 hip extensions & 25 squats x 5 rounds. 95 Russian twists 30 ghds and 50 du
25 TTB, mods for handstand walk, and the rest of TTB were modified
105# c&j
Clean Complex @ 165#
11:35 scaled to piss
155# CL
12:14 (box HSW)
145# power clean & jerk (lite)
Clean + SP - 85
I did it (HS walk against wall)
~14:39, some T2B, some T2parallel, modified hs
85# C&J. OHS EC @ 75#
Clean + jerk 145#, 12:37 Grapevine
Wasn't able to do full Ttb so just worked on a consistent rythem of attempts. Did shoulder taps from box
10:35, 95# clean complex
Kick up, walk to wall mods (2 rounds) and box shoulder touches (1 rd).
under ca plotsa mods
177# c&j
Post sickness struggle bus
75# cl&j
Done - walked to the wall. Toes to parallel-ish
C&J @ 125#; basically did all the T2B and then went upside down rest of time
Got a few ft hs walking πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈDL/assault 10:08 @ 205#; suck it up βœ…
Done - HSW through the time cap
105# Clean/jerk
HS Wall was BETTER! TTB were not. Cleans 135-145#. EC w Alyssa - Bench/HSPU 125-140#, OHS 105-115#.
95#cln, 14:14 shoulder tap from box, 80#ohs, 65# bench press, hspu. They are back!
Worked until 8:30 p.m.
βœ… modified hs
Clean EMOM- 160 x 2, 165 x3, 170 x1. Skipped the jerk. Then randomly hit a 185# clean for a PR (20#πŸ˜‚). DL/Ass bike EC 13:02 🐒 owchie. 2 rounds: 10 strict T2B, 30 GHDS, 30 Hollow rocks, 60 sec plank (all I had time for)
145# C&J
**Box Shldr taps, otherwise rx'd. #75 Cl&Jks. πŸ”₯YogaπŸ”₯(75') & M|WOD kbee & shldr therapies.
135# C&J
Hit cap on HSW
160# c&j’s
10:00, toes2rig, 10DLs @ 85# each round
65# cleans