Wednesday Apr 4 2018

    Regional training has just started and as always, there’s all kinds of extra credit. There will inevitably be a bunch of exciting AMRAP’s and high skilled movements. But, the most important piece out of all the extra credit is core strengthening. What is your core? It’s all major muscles contained in your middle (abdominals, obliques, pelvic floor, erectors(lower back))
    The movements we do are core to extremity; meaning that force is created at the core and transferred out to the extremities to perform full and proper movements efficiently. Without a strong core we have less force overall. And where does that decreased force go? Not out to the extremity properly, that’s for damn sure.  It gets lost in closed hips, your thoracic spine, or most dangerously, your lumbar spine. So to avoid all this DO YOUR CORE EXTRA CREDIT... EVERYONE(please). 
     Every member should be completing this extra credit especially if you do or have ever had back pain. Our staff is the highest trained and experienced you will find. We have five CrossFit L2 trainers and a majority of our staff is trained and certified in the CrossFit Movement and Mobility course. We will gladly give you guidance in scaling movement and maintaining your body. But if you need help you need to ask. P. S. If you have pain anywhere, you need help; ask for scaling options!  
     Remember, technique and consistency need to be mastered before intensity can be increased. And along with that, a strong core will increase your technique and consistency. 

Love, Jake P
1.) 4 Front Squat every 90 seconds for 5 rounds @ approx 70%
2.) Crank
30 cal Assault Bike
21 Knees to Elbow
20 cal Assault Bike
15 Muscle Ups
10 cal Assault Bike
9 Bar Muscle Ups 
*3.) Snatch 1-1-1-1-1 @ Hang, add load each round
Note: warm up to approx 70% and then complete 5 snatches no more that 3 minutes apart you only have 5 lifts no matter if you hit it or miss it record each round 
*4.) Row
500m Leisure Pace
Rest 2 minutes
400m Leisure Pace
100m Sprint
Rest 2 minutes
300m Leisure Pace
200m Sprint 
Rest 2 minutes
200m Leisure Pace
300m Sprint
Rest 2 minutes
100m Leisure Pace
400m Sprint
Rest 2 minutes
500m Sprint
Note: leisure pace means @ approx 60-70% effort
*5.) 3 rounds 
10 Front Rack Lunge 155/105lb
20 Bar Facing Burpees
*6.) GHD Sit-up Tabata
8 rounds: 
20 seconds ME GHD Sit-ups
10 seconds rest
note: rest @ parallel 

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24:39. No fails on the rings so that’s a win!!
135 FS
I worked out
15:25 I think? All the mods!
70# FS
Forgot time.
135. 11:13 RX ec rowing, ec snatch, run 2 miles, yoga
GHd tabata Rowing
Ahh 12:30 ish
Skirg cals, t2b instead of k2e, ring progressions, and spu instead of bar MU. a few bar MU for funsies after and some ec
Oly practice
Struggled but survived
15:50 w mods
First bar MU w bands. Work in progress. 115 FS
Then some bro stuff
125lb FS, 15:32 box bar mu, low ring mu, row
13:56 w mods
FS 75# / EC #5 (55#)
Rx other than ring MUPs FS @115#
FS 130#; hang snatches ^115#; 7:45 lunges/burpees; worked on Tuesday extra credit: 125# S2O, T2B, and hs walk practice with Pauly’s help; GHD tabata - 53 total, quad burn was worse than ab burn
Time capped with those damn band BMU😑
FS 145#, alllllll the going snowboarding 😎
25:09 RX - one at a time
125# FS
FS @185
105 fs, 20:24 mod mu, bar mu from chin height bar. Snatch 60 -72#.. ghd 8 each round. Rowing=sprint kept under 2:00/500m, 65# lunges.tired!!.
11-10 K2E, 5-3-2-3-2 Ring MUs, 3-2-singles for Bar MUs / *3.) Hang snatch doubles @ 95, 115, and 135. Singles @ 155, 165, 170, 180, 185, failed @ 190# / *5.) complete in 5:57 / first time trying lunges stepping backwards rather than forwards / *4.) from yesterday complete / 5-3-2 for the 205# S2O / 10-10-5 T2B on the first round & UB on the second round! / UB HSWs / *6.) complete / The quad burn was real!
14? w mods. FS #105
E.c FRL #80 and BFB , 75 med ball ab mat sit ups
8 MU attempts/ 7 progressions. 140# FS. A substantial amount of ring MUS after class, naturally🤦🏽‍♀️
175# BS, V sits, ring pulls, v-sits instead of the other stuff
Back Squats Day 3: I have become one with the backsquats and they have accepted me as one of their own. My memory of handstands begins to fade into something more akin to a dream from the past.
16:46, toes2rig from floor, muprogressions & ring rows
FS 85#