Yoga Mat

Wednesday Jun 20 2018

We have two awesome swim WOD options this Sunday! There’s a special edition Swim and Shoot WOD at Todd R’s house in Lena, WI at 11am. *Note that start time changed from 1pm* All attendees need to be 15 and older and have experience with shooting. 
If you aren’t familiar with firearms or that’s not your jam we have Steve K’s swim instruction WOD at Ashwaubenon Aquatic Center from 1:30-3pm. 
If you stink at swimming get yourselves a pair of goggles and get good with our Games Masters Athlete himself Mr Tom Fameree!
Make sure you’re making use of that CrossOver Symmetry too.
Have a great Wednesday!

1.) Yoga Mat
Start each round with a 400m Run
Back Squat 155/105lb
Hurdle Jump Over 
Finish with 100 Double Unders 
2.) 3 Front Squat every 2 minutes for 4 rds @ approx 85%
*3.) 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
Parallel Ring Row
Ring Push-ups
*4.) 10 minute EMOM 
5 Deadlift @ approx 50%
5 Bar Facing Burpee
*5.) 9-7-5
Bodyweight + 10lb Bench Press
Bar Muscle Up
Note: If your pectoral muscles are not up to body weight load drop it to a manageable load and concentrate on keeping those elbows in pushing through your pecs, lats and tris Bro👊🏼🇺🇸
*6.) tABata
Flutter Kicks
Hollow Rock
Russian Twist
Parallette L-sit (scale with hanging l-sit/knee raise)
note: 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds each movement. 1 minute rest between each movement 
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This one looked fun
Miss you all! Crossover Symmetry withdrawal as well 😅
Capped w/ lots o' SU's left.
95# BS. Ramped to 175# FS
~16:00 105# BS, 20” box with PVC, single unders
Dubs just weren’t happening. 125# FS
👶🏼 mods: bike 0.5 miles, 75#, low hurdle jumps, su /// 85# FS
14:15 **
🚨 high risk jumper 🚨 - subbed steps up for hurdle jumps. 105#. FS - 160#. Ring rows/push ups. Core circuit x 4 rounds. Mob.
FS @ 275#
16:43 85#fs, sideways height hurdle. 125#fs.
65 DU at cap. Bs #95
FS #110
12:48 @ 135#
200# FS
17ish, 85# BS, step ups, bike instead of run & DUs
55# FS That was a hard one... ugh.