Day 7

Monday Mar 30 2020

CrossFit Green Bay has programmed in house since day 1 with the exception of a short period where we followed Outlaw Way Programming from a man by the name of Rudy Nielsen. Rudy and The Outlaw Way helped CrossFit Green Bay to become the gym we are today as he showed me that if you don't program and practice the tough technical stuff you will never be able to do it or at least be any good at it. I am proud to say that Rudy was my mentor and really cherish the thought of myself being a young coach's mentor some day. Live each day to your best because you never know who's watching.
Have a great Monday!
Workout Description
1.) 20 minute AMRAP
5 Laying Kettlebell Press, right arm
5 Laying Kettlebell Press, left arm
5 Laying Kettlebell Tricep Extension
Sprint 30 feet
10 Tripod to Headstand
Sprint 30 feet
10 Sitting Feet over Kettlebell
Sprint 30 feet
10 Wall Squat
Sprint 30 feet
*2.) Every 2 minutes for 8 minutes 6 Front Squat @ 65%
*3.) Every 2 minutes for 6 rounds complete Snatch Complex:
Snatch Pull to Hang, pause 3 seconds
Snatch (from floor)
Note: start at 65% and work up to no more than 75% if it’s feeling good, concentrate on not pulling early around those knees going in to hang. If no barbell practice this with a broomstick.
*4.) 9 minute AMRAP
12 Hand release Push-ups
3 Bar Muscle Ups
*5.) 100 Hollow Rocks

At Home
1.) 28-22-16-10
Shoulder to Overhead 50/35lb Dumbbell (do half of the reps in each set with Right arm, then half with left arm)
2.) 3 Rounds
1 min Sec Pigeon Stretch, per side
1 min Frog Stretch
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