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My name is Kayla Duchateau. I am 24 years old. I work as a Registered Nursing at Bellin Hospital. I enjoy hunting, kayaking and fishing.

WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO CROSSFIT GREEN BAY? Three years ago in October, my sister bought me on-ramp as my birthday present. She had told me she heard about this awesome workout fad from a magazine and decided to look it up. We both thought we would give it a go.

WHAT WAS YOUR STATE OF HEALTH BEFORE BEGINNING CROSSFIT? Ha ha,. This makes me laugh. Well I had the diet of a regular college student and then some. I hit up the fast food restaurants around three times a week. I drank A LOT. I also chewed tobacco. Gross I know. I had gained weight from high school, you know, freshman 15-30’s and it wasn’t really going away. As Grant had said, “You’re a pork-chop.”

WHERE ARE YOU NOW OR WHAT PROGRESS HAVE YOU MADE? Through my 3 years of CrossFit I have lost about 50lbs. I can now complete MOST of the workouts as prescribed where as when I started, I struggled using the bare barbell. I have completed my first marathon (and probably only marathon.) I’m still not a huge fan of running. My diet changed drastically. I cut out fast food, alcohol, and chew for the first few months. I have slowly incorporated a few items back into my diet, but for the most part eat fairly healthy. I still indulge in cheat meals and beverages but try to be as healthy as possible. Changing my diet was huge but the coaches are amazing and will sit down and take time out to help you get to where you need to be.

HOW WAS YOUR ON RAMP EXPERIENCE? WHAT PERSONAL BENEFIT DID YOU RECEIVE FROM ON RAMP? Eh, On Ramp. I was nervous, and you bet I spit my dip out right before walking into the first class. I didn’t think it would be that hard, but I was very wrong. I think I died a little during the first workout. I was unbelievably sore the next day, but the weird thing was, I was excited to go back. Grant and Jake P. (my group’s main On Ramp coaches) sat us down the second day and went over our diet. I wanted to take this seriously so I followed the diet to a T and had awesome results. Now, I did feel like garbage the first few weeks, but Grant had told me, “don’t worry, your body is just detoxing.” I have now learned how to cook healthy and have been able to show my family healthy eating.

WHAT WAS IT LIKE TO JOIN THE REGULAR CLASSES? WAS IT EXCITING/SCARY/ETC.? The thought of joining a regular class was scary. I figured I would look like an idiot. The coaches made the transition into the regular classes very easy. They were very helpful, and made sure that I was comfortable with the weight and movements before the workout began.

WHAT IN YOUR MIND MAKES CROSSFIT UNIQUE? WHY WERE YOU SUCCESSFUL WITH CROSSFIT? I believe it’s the community that makes CrossFit unique. I have tried working out at home alone, but find myself lacking motivation. I have gone to other gyms but have the same lack of motivation that I did at home. When you go to a class at CrossFit, you are with people you enjoy being with, and you want to do well in each workout. I also enjoy how there are so many movements that are combined into one workout. You never have a boring or dull workout.

WHAT SETS CROSSFIT GREEN BAY APART? I would have to say the coaching staff. Each coach is educated and well-trained on what CrossFit is and how it works. They are so observant of each individual during a workout that they can pick you out from across the room and yell “get on those heals” even when you think no one is watching you. The members of CrossFit Green Bay are amazing as well. I have met so many life-long friends it is unreal. Everyone is welcoming, and the sense of community from this gym is unbelievable.

WHAT WOULD YOU SAY TO THOSE WHO FEEL LIKE THEY’RE NOT IN GOOD ENOUGH SHAPE TO TRY CROSSFIT? OR ARE AFRAID OF INJURY? I would say, I think most people think that. I sure did, but you have to try it anyway. The coaches really work with everyone to make sure you will not injure yourself, and will start you off slow. The coaches will push you to become a better athlete, but will never push you to the point of injury or pushing you past what your body can do.

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS GOING FORWARD? My goals are to continue working on my diet. I fall off the wagon every now and again, and I struggle to get back on. I would like to compete in a competition in an RX division. I know I have a lot to work on before doing that, but I know what I need to do and I have the coaches to help me work on those weaknesses.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CROSSFIT EXERCISE? WHAT IS YOUR LEAST FAVORITE? My favorite exercise is one with any type of lifting or rowing. My least would be thrusters or anything to do with the pull-up rig. Oh and handstand pushups.